A4TECH Fstyler FBK30 Bluetooth & 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

Price in Bangladesh

৳ 1,550

Key Features

  • Model: FBK30
  • Connection: Bluetooth & 2.4G Wireless
  • Total Keys: 86 keys
  • Low-Profile Retro Round Keycaps
  • Quiet Key: Reduces noise from 35dB to 14dB

A4TECH Fstyler FBK30 Bluetooth & 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Specification

Main Features
Wired/Wireless Bluetooth & 2.4G
Interface Nano USB Receiver
Others Layout: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS
Battery: 1 AA Alkaline Battery
Battery Life: about 24
Receiver: Nano USB Receive & USB Extension Cable
Physical Attribute
System Requirements Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, HarmonyOS
Color Standard
Dimensions 315mm x 155mm x 24mm
Weight 386 g (w/ battery)
Warranty Information
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Effortless Connectivity and Versatile Performance

The A4TECH Fstyler FBK30 Bluetooth & 2.4G Wireless Keyboard is a cutting-edge peripheral that combines the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity with the reliability of a 2.4G wireless connection. With its sleek design, ergonomic layout, and impressive features, this keyboard is designed to enhance your typing experience and boost productivity.

Seamless Connectivity Options

One of the standout features of the A4TECH Fstyler FBK30 is its dual-mode connectivity. You can easily switch between Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless modes, providing you with versatile connectivity options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a clutter-free workspace with Bluetooth or require a stable and responsive connection with the 2.4G wireless mode, this keyboard has got you covered.

Effortless Pairing and Quick Switching

Thanks to its intuitive design, pairing the Fstyler FBK30 with your devices is a breeze. With Bluetooth connectivity, simply activate pairing mode and connect the keyboard to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone effortlessly. Additionally, the keyboard allows for quick switching between up to three devices, so you can seamlessly transition between multiple devices with just a press of a button.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Typing

Typing for extended periods can strain your wrists and fingers, but the A4TECH Fstyler FBK30 addresses this issue with its ergonomic design. The keyboard features an arc keycap structure that matches the natural curvature of your fingertips, providing a comfortable and fatigue-free typing experience. Moreover, the keycaps are low-profile and provide a satisfying tactile response, making every keystroke precise and comfortable.

Extended Battery Life

Worrying about frequent battery replacements is a thing of the past with the Fstyler FBK30. This keyboard boasts an impressive battery life, allowing you to work for extended periods without interruption. The energy-efficient design ensures that the keyboard conserves power when not in use, further prolonging the battery life. With the Fstyler FBK30, you can focus on your tasks without the hassle of constantly changing batteries.

Enhanced Functionality and Multimedia Controls

The A4TECH Fstyler FBK30 offers more than just standard typing functionality. It features convenient multimedia controls, allowing you to adjust volume, play or pause music, and navigate through your media effortlessly. The keyboard also includes dedicated shortcut keys for common tasks like launching email or web browsers, making your workflow more efficient and streamlined.

With its versatile connectivity options, ergonomic design, extended battery life, and enhanced functionality, the A4TECH Fstyler FBK30 Bluetooth & 2.4G Wireless Keyboard is a standout choice for professionals, students, and anyone seeking a reliable and comfortable typing experience. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to effortless connectivity with this innovative keyboard, designed to make your computing experience a breeze.