Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are going to be slightly thicker than their ancestor

The newest rumour for the Apple iPhone 13 sequence is about its phones’ physical dimensions. According to the schematic came from MacRumors, the iPhone 13 will measure at 7.55mm in thickness, where the 12 series was 7.4mm in thickness.

We have visualized the matter below down. You can imagine the iPhone 13 will be 0.15mm thicker than the 12 series.

Apple iPhone 13/12 Pro series
Apple iPhone 13 and 12 series thickness comparison.

The rumours also reveal that Apple is preparing a more significant difference around the backside with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max camera bumps. Both Pro phones will feature 36mm x 37mm camera cutouts on the rear, which is distinctly larger than the bumps on the 12 Pro series. The upcoming 13 pro series will contain 29mm x 29 mm camera bumps, where the iPhone 12 pro sequence contains a 12 28m x 30mm camera cutout on its rear.

Also, the thickness of the camera bump will get an increase on the forthcoming 13 Pro lineup. Which would be around 3.65mm when the 12 Pro modes had about 1.5-1.7mm camera bump thickness.

We can see this change through the picture below down.

Apple iPhone 13/12 Pro series
Apple iPhone 13 and 12 series camera layout comparison.

You may feel hard-pressed after actually experiencing it in actual life. But, end of the day, it’s a new iPhone coming in the market with a new packet.

It also rumoured that Apple is going to put sensor-shift stabilization on both- primary and ultrawide lens to the new iPhone 13 Pro models. That will explain later about its larger camera bumps.

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