Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad

Price in Bangladesh

৳ 1,350

Key Features

  • Model: Asus Cerberus
  • Material Type: Heavy-weave fabric
  • Surface: 400x300mm
  • Depth: 4mm

Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad: Unleash Your Gaming Potential

The Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad is the perfect companion for gamers seeking precision, control, and comfort. Designed with high-quality materials and an optimized surface, this mouse pad offers a smooth and consistent glide for your gaming mouse, enhancing your accuracy and performance. Whether you’re engaged in intense battles or navigating through intricate tasks, the Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad delivers the reliability and responsiveness you need to dominate the gaming arena.

Smooth and Accurate Tracking

The Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad features a specially engineered cloth surface that provides a smooth and precise tracking experience. The fine-textured fabric optimizes the sensor’s responsiveness, allowing for accurate cursor movements, precise targeting, and pixel-perfect accuracy. Say goodbye to mouse jitter and inconsistent tracking – with the Cerberus Mouse Pad, you’ll experience smooth and reliable tracking across a wide range of gaming genres.

Optimal Size and Thickness

Measuring 250mm x 210mm, the Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad strikes a perfect balance between compactness and functionality. It offers ample space for both high and low DPI gaming, accommodating various mouse movements and playstyles. The pad’s 3mm thickness provides a comfortable cushioning for your wrist, reducing fatigue during long gaming sessions. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easily portable, fitting into your gaming bag for on-the-go gaming.

Non-Slip Rubber Base

The Cerberus Mouse Pad is equipped with a non-slip rubber base that keeps it firmly in place, even during intense gaming sessions. This ensures that the pad stays securely on your desk, preventing any unwanted movement or slipping that can disrupt your gameplay. Focus on your gaming without distractions, knowing that the Cerberus Mouse Pad will remain steadfast and provide a stable surface for precise mouse control.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Built to withstand the rigors of gaming, the Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad features a durable construction that can handle heavy use. The edges are reinforced with stitching to prevent fraying and ensure long-lasting durability. Additionally, the pad is resistant to stains and spills, making it easy to clean. Simply wipe away any spills or debris with a damp cloth, and your mouse pad will be as good as new.

Sleek Design and Asus Branding

With its sleek and minimalist design, the Cerberus Mouse Pad adds a touch of style to your gaming setup. The Asus logo is subtly featured on the pad, showcasing its quality and reliability. The black color scheme blends seamlessly with any gaming aesthetic, making it a versatile choice for gamers of all preferences.

The Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad is a must-have accessory for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience. With its smooth tracking surface, optimal size, non-slip rubber base, and durable construction, it provides the perfect foundation for accurate and precise mouse movements. Elevate your gaming performance and take your skills to the next level with the Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad – the ultimate companion for gamers seeking control, comfort, and reliability.