Asus Zenfone 8 would be launched in India as 8z

Earlier this week, Asus supposed to launch the Zenfone 8 series in India, but Asus hasn’t launched it because of the current Corona Virus situation in the South Asian region. It’s uncertain- when people will get the Asus Zenfone 8 and the 8 Flip in the Indian market. But maybe Asus will change the name of this phone to Zenfone Asus 8z and 8z Flip.

It may happen because the Indian variant of Zenfone 8 with model number I006D has come out in the list of Google Play service like the “ASUS 8Z”. On the other hand, the Zenphone 8 Flip hasn’t come up as the 8z Flip. But we shouldn’t get surprised if Asus will launch the phone as 8z Flip in India.

Asus Zenphone 8z

We haven’t got such information yet from the brand detailed about the naming of the latest flagship. What we will do is- have to call its latest flagships in India. However, if we study past 2019, Asus brought the Zenfone 6 as 6z in India.

Accepting a court decision that restricts the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer from using the “Zenfone” branding in India. So we could see again Asus leaves the Zenfone appellation from its handsets in India. However, we have to wait for the upcoming news, and we will inform you about this phone later. Stay connected.

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