Boya BY-UM4 3.5mm Mini Flexible Microphone Black

Price in Bangladesh

৳ 600

Key Features

  • Model: BY-UM4
  • For VoIP Skype/WhatsApp/Viber/Line/ICQ and more
  • Designed for PC
  • Plug-in and work
  • Compatible with Smartphone

Boya BY-UM4 3.5mm Mini Flexible Microphone Black Specification

Main Specs
Connector 3.5mm
Audio recorders Yes
PC Yes
Smartphone Yes
Warranty 2 Years

Enhancing Your Audio Recording with Flexibility and Convenience

The Boya BY-UM4 3.5mm Mini Flexible Microphone is a compact and versatile audio accessory designed to enhance your audio recording experience. With its flexible design, universal compatibility, and excellent sound quality, this microphone offers convenience and professional-grade audio reproduction for a variety of recording needs.

1. Flexible Design: The BY-UM4 microphone features a flexible gooseneck design that allows you to adjust the microphone to your preferred position easily. Whether you need to position it closer to your mouth for clear voice recording or adjust it for a specific audio source, the flexibility of the microphone ensures optimal sound capture. This flexibility provides you with the freedom to record from various angles and distances, making it suitable for different recording situations.

2. Wide Compatibility: The BY-UM4 microphone is equipped with a standard 3.5mm audio plug, which makes it compatible with a wide range of devices. It can be easily connected to smartphones, tablets, DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, and other devices with a 3.5mm audio input. This wide compatibility allows you to use the microphone with your preferred device, ensuring seamless integration into your existing recording setup.

3. Excellent Sound Quality: Despite its compact size, the BY-UM4 microphone delivers excellent sound quality. It is equipped with a high-quality condenser microphone element that captures clear and detailed audio. Whether you’re recording vocals, interviews, podcasts, or any other audio content, this microphone ensures that your recordings are crisp, accurate, and professional-sounding. It effectively reduces background noise, focusing on capturing the main audio source with clarity.

4. Plug-and-Play Convenience: The BY-UM4 microphone offers plug-and-play convenience, requiring no additional batteries or power sources. Simply connect it to your recording device’s 3.5mm audio input, and you’re ready to start recording. This simplicity and convenience make it a user-friendly option for both beginners and experienced content creators, eliminating the need for complex setups or additional equipment.

5. Portable and Durable: The compact and lightweight design of the BY-UM4 microphone makes it highly portable and easy to carry. Whether you’re on the move or working in a studio environment, this microphone is convenient to bring along. It also features a durable construction that ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to rely on it for all your audio recording needs.

The Boya BY-UM4 3.5mm Mini Flexible Microphone Black offers flexibility, convenience, and excellent sound quality for your audio recording endeavors. With its flexible design, wide compatibility, superior sound reproduction, plug-and-play convenience, and portability, this microphone is a reliable tool for capturing high-quality audio in various situations. Elevate your audio recordings with the Boya BY-UM4 3.5mm Mini Flexible Microphone Black and enjoy the convenience and quality it brings to your recordings.