Fantech Chief II HG20 RGB USB Gaming Headphone

Price in Bangladesh

৳ 1,300

Key Features

  • Model: Fantech Chief II HG20
  • Plug type: 3.5MM + Remote
  • LED: RGB Colored lights
  • Frequency range: 20-20KHz
  • Cable length: 2m Plastic cable

Fantech Chief II HG20 RGB USB Gaming Headphone Specification

Technical Specification
Frequency Range Speaker Sensitivity : 121+/-3dB
Microphone Sensitivity :-38+/-2dB
Impedance 21+/-15%
Sensitivity -38+/-2dB
Input Jack 3.5MM Jack + Remote
Connectivity Wired
Physical Specification
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 23 cm
Weight 337g
Color Black
Cable Length 2m Plastic cable
Sensitivity -38+/-2dB
Warranty Information
Manufacturing Warranty 01 Year warranty

Fantech Chief II HG20 RGB USB Gaming Headphone: Immerse Yourself in Sound and Style

A high-quality gaming headset is an essential accessory for any gaming enthusiast. The Fantech Chief II HG20 RGB USB Gaming Headphone is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, comfort, and style. With its immersive audio, customizable RGB lighting, and ergonomic design, this headset is a true game-changer that will take your gaming experience to new heights.

Immersive Sound Quality Prepare to be blown away by the Fantech Chief II HG20’s immersive sound quality. Equipped with powerful 50mm neodymium drivers, this headset delivers crystal-clear audio with deep bass and crisp highs. From the booming explosions to the subtlest footsteps, every sound detail is reproduced with precision, allowing you to pinpoint the location of your enemies and immerse yourself fully in the gaming world.

Customizable RGB Lighting Stand out from the crowd with the Fantech Chief II HG20’s customizable RGB lighting. The headset features dynamic RGB lighting on the ear cups, allowing you to personalize your gaming setup and create a visually stunning experience. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors and lighting effects to match your gaming mood or sync it with other RGB-enabled devices for a synchronized gaming ambiance.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Gaming Long gaming sessions require a headset that offers comfort and durability. The Fantech Chief II HG20 is designed with ergonomics in mind. The adjustable headband and soft, breathable ear cushions provide a customized and comfortable fit for extended gaming sessions. The lightweight construction reduces fatigue, while the durable build ensures the headset can withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions.

Noise-Canceling Microphone Effective communication is crucial, especially in multiplayer games. The Fantech Chief II HG20 features a noise-canceling microphone that filters out background noise, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication with your teammates. Coordinate strategies, issue commands, and engage in seamless conversations, enhancing your teamwork and coordination for a competitive edge.

Convenient In-Line Controls The Fantech Chief II HG20 is equipped with in-line controls for quick and easy access to volume adjustment and microphone muting. Adjust audio settings on the fly without interrupting your gameplay, allowing you to stay focused and fully immersed in the gaming experience.

Universal Compatibility The Fantech Chief II HG20 is compatible with various gaming platforms, including PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Whether you’re gaming on your desktop, console, or even on the go, this headset ensures seamless connectivity and outstanding performance across all platforms.

The Fantech Chief II HG20 RGB USB Gaming Headphone offers an exceptional gaming experience with its immersive sound quality, customizable RGB lighting, and ergonomic design. Immerse yourself in the virtual world, communicate effectively with your teammates, and enjoy hours of comfortable gaming. Elevate your gaming setup with the Fantech Chief II HG20 and experience gaming excellence like never before.