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HP EliteBook 840 G5 comes with AMD RADEON RX540 2GB DDR4 GRAPHICS card. It is built with Core i5 8th Gen Ultrabook.

  • HP EliteBook 840 G5
  • Intel Core i5-8250U (1.60 GHz up to 3.40 GHz)
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512 GB M.2 SATA SSD
  • 14.1″ FHD backlit

HP EliteBook 840 G5 Full Specification and Price

Basic Information
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5-8250U (1.6 GHz base frequency, up to 3.4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 6 MB cache, 4 cores)
Display14.1″ diagonal FHD IPS anti-glare LED-backlit, 220 cd/m², 67% sRGB (1920 x 1080)
Memory8 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM
Storage256 GB M.2 SATA SSD
Operating SystemFree DOS
BatteryHP Long Life 3-cell, 50 Wh Li-ion
AdapterHP Smart 45 W External AC power adapter
AudioBang & Olufsen, dual stereo speakers, 3 multi array microphone
Input Devices
KeyboardHP Premium Collaboration Keyboard spill resistant with drain
WebCamHD camera
Card Reader1 smart card reader
Network & Wireless Connectivity
LANHP Module with NXP NFC Controller NPC300 I2C NCI
Intel® I219-LM GbE, vPro™
Intel® I219-V GbE, non-vPro™ 10
Wi-FiIntel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2×2) Wi-Fi
BluetoothBluetooth® 4.2 Combo, non-vPro
Ports, Connectors & Slots
USB (s)1 Thunderbolt™ (USB Type-C™ connector)
2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (1 charging)
Audio Jack Combo1 headphone/microphone combo
Extra RAM SlotYes
Physical Specification
Dimensions (W x D x H)31 x 22.93 x 1.77 cm
WeightStarting at 1.33 kg
Warranty1 Month Replacement Warranty

A Good Expression Review about HP EliteBook 840 G6

Today we will talk all about the HP EliteBook 840 G five. So eight. product IDs can be a little confusing. They do make sense if you break them down. Elite is HP’s commercial brand. So this is a business laptop because it’s an elite book, and 840. The 800 series is their mainstream brand whereas the 1000 series is the premium flagship.

What he said was the 800 series is what they plan to sell millions of. And then you have the 40 Where’s the 830? The 4050 goes by screen size. So this is a 14-inch laptop, the 830 is three-inch, the 850 is 15.6 inches, and that’s how it goes. So if there was an X 360 attached to the end, it would be a 360-degree convertible, but this should just be a laptop.

So features in this generation are all about bringing down some of those premium features in the 1000 series into the 800 series. For example, now we have an aluminum unibody and that’s something that was previously exclusive to the 1000 series and I reviewed this is the first 800 series delete book that I’ve reviewed.

I’ve reviewed several of the 1000 series devices the 10 30x 360 which was lovely and that was one of the first I think it was the first that I reviewed and I also reviewed 1040 which had an Intel eight series processor which is a 45-watt quad-core processor because it was the seventh generation the eighth Gen is the core processor. So the processor in this machine is still used series so the eighth Gen uses series chips. This is V Pro so it comes with Windows 10 Pro.

The eighth Gen U Series chips 15 Watt they’re all 15 Watts but the eighth Gen is quad-core were the seventh Gen was dual-core. That’s really what the eighth Gen is been mostly about the keeps the 14-nanometre architecture, and then it adds more cores, which means more power under many workloads.

And what’s great about that in a business laptop is that you might be using machines and more cores means better performance on with virtual machines. So you can see we have the EliteBook branding right on the hinge of their aluminum unibody. Like I said it only comes in silver. There’s our speaker on the bottom.

Okay, and it’s a lovely device. So let’s open this up. Now, this has HP sure view and this is something that I was looking forward to trying out I If you’ve watched my EliteBook unboxing videos or read my reviews. I’ve talked about Shoreview quite a bit. They’ve never actually sent me a device that has it so this one has this is a privacy screen and what to do is it makes it impossible for anyone to view your screen from an angle.

So if you’re working on something top secret in a public place, like an airplane or Starbucks or something and you turn this thing on, people can’t look over your shoulder and see what you’re working on. So try to plug this in before I turn it on. So let’s just take a quick look at what else is in the box. And then we’ll use that charger that we find in there. So over here we have our charging brick, this should be USB type C.

You can see that yes, it is indeed B type C and then there’s our power cable right here we’ll get this plugged in and we’ll start booting it up. So this is booting up we take a look at the sides here we have Thunderbolt three port which is being used for charging at the moment. Another legacy power port gets back to that in a second. This is a networking cable that’s made to fit into a slim form factor their HDMI USB type a headphone jack, this is a SIM slot it’s not a micro SD slot so we’re gonna see if we have cellular because if we do, this is a this is an excellent thing.

Another USB type C smart card and then a lock slot over here. Right so like I said that that sure views privacy screen so HP has been talking about this for so long, so I’m excited to finally try it. It only comes on the 1080 P model. There is a 4k option. But like I said it’s only on 20 P and this is the brightest display that they offer.

Right we hit up to start shooting so you see it gets a little dimmer. It’s better if you’re looking at it directly. But then if we tilted to the side here, you can’t see anything that’s of what’s being worked on. There. And that’s pretty cool because I write a lot of embargoed articles myself and I can’t work on them in public because who knows who’s looking so now I can. I can try to take those things in public and we’ll see how that goes. But um yeah, so we have a TrackPoint here, which is similar to the one that you find on on Lenovo laptops.

I haven’t seen any of those on the 1000 series elite books. So that means we also have physical buttons above the trackpad. So that’s how you would navigate this. You know, navigate over here if the button if you get one before that I’m just talking about stuff you already know. Now being an elite book, it has lots of business-centric features. If we go in here and we go into Nietzsche, we have jumpstart phone-wise workwise now, this is interesting we’ll come back to that in just six.

A lot of business-centric features one is like a short start. And what that does is it checks the BIOS against a master copy. The BIOS has been corrupted, always with the right one. Now the phone was in workwise I have never seen those two together on an elite book. And what phone-wise does this will allow you to send text messages from your PC make phone calls or your screen on Android.

And it works with iOS for sending text messages. And What’s odd about that though? Oh AMD radians this has been dedicated but back to phone-wise that with some solutions. You can’t send a text from your PC via an iPhone because the phone has to be unlocked and the app has to be open. That’s the case with Dells. Mobile Connect. What AJ allows you to do is you can enter your phone’s pin here which I guess is not present because I don’t have my phone paired yet.

But you can add to your phone’s PIN in there and when you send a text it will wake your phone unlock it once the app and send the text message. So it worked out a solution there. The thing is with iOS things are just a little more limited when it comes to interacting with third-party devices like that. Hopefully, Apple opens up some more at some point but that’s just the way it is everything works a little better. With Android and this working with your phone thing is becoming popular. Microsoft has your phone app that’s coming in Redstone five.

Dell has mobile connections it has and there are just tons of things. It’s meant to make your devices work better together. And iPhones. Just kind of rejects that to the best of their ability. So hopefully, Apple can’t change its ways. WWDC is next week. Hopefully, we’ll hear something about that. Now have workwise so this is something I use this with, with the EliteBook 10 30x 360 before they had phone wise and what’s cool about this is you can see you’ll get notifications on your phone. So say I’m sitting here I’m using my elite book, and I walk away from my desk so someone walks by and they say hey, Richard, sit in front of me.

He left his computer on I should close it for him. Right very nice. Bill, we’ll call him Bill. As he says I’m gonna close his laptop form and he calls so I get an alert on my phone that says your laptop has been tampered with or it says that someone has closed the lid on your laptop, which is great.

I mean, Bill did a good deed, and I should appreciate that. But it’s also the nice thing I get an alert on my phone that it happened and work was those things and it’s a pretty powerful tool you can install printer drivers remotely. And then closing the laptop lid is just the one example I can think of off the top of my head but you kind of get this remote dashboard of what’s going on with your lead book.

I was kind of disappointed that they, when they came out with phone wise this, was when they announced the EliteBook 1040 and the 10 20x 360 they did phone wise and phone wise didn’t wasn’t compatible with workwise and part of the reason was iPhones and they told me that word did not work with iPhones anymore.

And it was an issue also with pairing multiple times with pairing the same device multiple times through separate apps. So I guess they’ve got it working now which is fantastic. Because I think they’re both great features. And if I had to pick one or the other, I would pick workwise. And when they weren’t compatible with each other I was kind of wondering why that why they didn’t allow you to at least choose one.

So yeah, lots of cool business features that he thinks through the business features on the Elite Series. Alright, so again, just a standard laptop. This does have a dedicated GPU which is AMD Radeon RX 540. And that’s an option for the 14 and the 15 models, which is the 814 the 850 G five, the 830 only has integrated graphics. So if we just go to the About screen here, we can see just what kind of processor is in it.

Oh, Nope, wrong screen. And that’s gonna be right here. And we can see it’s at 650 CPU, that’s a Core I Seven. Whoa 3632 gigabytes of RAM. I was under the impression it’s going to be 16 in here. So this is just gonna kind of keep getting better. All right, then. Oh yeah, it is cellular. This is Wow. Wonderful. So I am excited to review this machine. And you know, this is beyond really anything that I’ve any laptop, any Ultrabook anyone’s no one’s ever sent me an Ultrabook with 32 gigs of RAM. So that’s pretty cool. I gotta say.

But yeah, the I 786 50 You there are two skews of the eighth and seventh 815 8650 and the 8650 as we pro-enabled, so obviously yeah, this if we check out the Windows version, it is Windows 10 Pro, and any business laptop that you buy. I’m gonna say come with Windows 10 Pro because you know you can buy a ThinkPad with Windows for some reason.

And personally, in my opinion, if you’re spending over $1,000 on a PC, it should come with a pro especially like you could buy a $2,500 $3,000 gaming laptop and it ships with home. And I mean that’s just insane because these are powerful machines. And you should be able to work with them as well.

So obviously this is designed for work so you get pro anything else that we can take a look at in the HP software section. We can see there’s no McAfee no anti-virus stuff. Soft pack download manager. One thing I got to check is he has a School Support Assistant. And normally that’s where you get your drivers and firmware upgrades. And the biggest problem with elite books that I’ve had recently is that this doesn’t even work on elite but they worked on my Spectre machines that they sent me so he ended up having to get updates as a download manager.

Okay, I’m not seeing a sure click, which was another feature that that was a secure browsing experience. I’m just really excited to see phone-wise and workwise on the same machine because that’s great they’re both great features and that should be a great experience. So this is a top-end machine with 32 gigs of RAM Core I Seven trial.

We didn’t check the storage. What do we get? Yeah, a terabyte SSD. So Wow. I mean, I just wanted this but um yeah, so this is gonna be an always-connected PC with lots of RAM lots of storage. Core I Seven.

This is going to be a beast, so make sure to check back for the review. I should have it up in about a month. Anyway, guys, that’s it. I’m Rich from Neo when Have a great night.

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