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Are you interested to browse all types of core i5 laptop price in Bangladesh, this is right steps for you. The new lineup of Intel Core i5 chipsets now offers four cores with hyper-threading technology. It can boost your tasks to get you the powerful performance you deserve from a mid-budget CPU. That makes multitasking, light gaming smoother than ever before on a laptop. The recent year’s 8th get, 10th gen, and 11th gen Core i5 processor will be perfect for your office tasks, web browsing on your laptop. And you don’t need to visit somewhere else to buy a genuine windows-based laptop. At our shop, we sell all the famous brands of Core i5 laptops in Bangladesh. Check out our product list beneath; explore all the laptops and enjoy a reasonable discount on your purchase.

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People Also Query About Core i5 Laptop

Is Core i5 good?

Ans: Intel Core i5 processors are pretty good for mid-level usage. That means you can do your home and office tasks fluently, and you can do designing and editing with a Core i5 processor. The latest Core i5 processor can handle Adobe Photoshop and similar top-end applications.

Is i5 good for laptop?

Ans: In the case of a Laptop, though you won’t get desktop-like performance with the latest Core i5 processor- you can expect decent performance for every day’s usage and light photo and video editing. And surely, you will get better performance than a Core i3 processor from a Core i5 laptop.

Is Core i5 good for gaming?

Ans: Yes, with a good graphics card- you can get a decent gaming experience with the latest Core i5 chipset. You can enjoy almost all the modern games with an i5 processor at mid to high settings. But the only requirement is you have to have a decent graphics card and more than 4GB ram.

How long will an i5 processor last?

Ans: A Core i5 processor can deliver balanced computing power for up to 6 years if you do not abuse your system. Intel Core i5 processors are well known for long term balanced performance.

Do I need i5 processor?

Ans: Yes, It depends on the purpose of buying the processor! If you do too much photo or video editing, if you want to play high-end games at very high settings, and if you need a complete system with limitless performance- then you should not buy a Core i5 processor. And if you need a mid-level fluent performance- then a Core i5 processor will be best for you.