Asus Laptop Price in Bangladesh

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People Also Query About Asus Laptop

Is Asus is a Chinese company?

Ans: No, Asus is a Taiwan-based Multi-Tech company; established back in 1989. Asus produces desktop, laptop, mobile, computer hardware, gaming PC and other electronics. In recent years, Asus has become the number 1 motherboard and gaming brand. And top 3 laptop brand in the industry.

Is Asus a good laptop brand?

Ans: Of course, Asus is a reliable laptop brand in the world. Asus has improved its product quality with innovations and reduced the production cost. Now they offer good performing laptops at a reasonable price than other brands. Yes, Asus laptops come with both Intel and AMD processors.

How long do Asus laptops last?

Ans: Asus laptops will last at least three to five years; if you do not misuse your machine. And you will get good battery life in the first two years; after that time- you will get average battery backup. Nowadays, Asus is adopting innovations to attract more customers (like- dual screen).

Why is Asus so cheap?

Ans: Asus products are not that cheap. You can not say they cheap. Because Asus products come with a reasonable price tag and as a brand, they do not earn too much profit from users. They use modern technologies to reduce the overall production cost of products so that you can get all the features at a comparatively lower price than other brands.

Is ASUS customer support good?

Ans: Yes, ASUS provides satisfactory customer supports to their honourable customers. You can only get helped online as well as offline. In almost every country- they have their sales and support networks- to ensure you a reliable warranty and after warranty service.

Are Asus laptops worth buying?

Ans:It depends on your taste and budget. If you need a feature-full laptop at a reasonable price and you love Asus more than other brands, then you can purchase an Asus laptop for your daily, office, or gaming needs. Note: Asus is a highly trusted brand for budget performance, and you can rely on Asus.