Core i3 Laptop Price in Bangladesh

In below section we have gathered all types of Core i3 Laptop Price in Bangladesh from various famous brands. Intel enables power-efficient and reliable day-to-day performance on a laptop through their Core i3 series. The recent year’s 8th gen, 10th gen and 11th gen Core i3 processors can help grow your startup. Though you can’t do serious level’s photo and video editing with the i3 lineup, you can maintain your office and low-end games on your laptop. Yes, if you require a decent Laptop for your daily office tasks, buy a Core i3 powered laptop. At our E-store, you will meet with different brands of Core i3 laptops at a discounted price. And we assure genuine products with official warranty service. So, to give a boost to your tasks, check our product list below and choose an official Core i3 laptop in Bangladesh from Apple, Dell, Hp, Asus, Acer and other brands.

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People Also Query About Core i3 Laptop

Is Core i3 sufficient?

Ans: Intel Core i3 processors are made for fluent day-to-day tasks. You can expect your regular office tasks, light editing and social media usage to be done without hassle with a Core i3 processor. Yes, the recent years 10th and 11th gen i3 processors are sufficient for daily tasks.

Can an i3 run Windows 10?

Ans: Yes, you can use Windows 10 with a Core i3 processor. With 4GB ram, the latest Core i3 processor is enough to run Windows 10. But you may need more than 4GB ram if you want to install heavy apps on your system.

Is i3 processor good for laptop?

Ans: The Core i3 processor is good but not that great for a laptop. You can only do basic office and home jobs with a Core i3 laptop. Yes, the 10th and 11th gen Core i3 laptops can deliver you a decent battery backup with a reliable everyday’s performance.

Should I buy Core i3 or i5?

Ans: Core i5 processors are a little expensive than the Core i3. If you do various multitasking, gaming and photo or video editing at a mid-high level- then you should buy a Core i5 chipset instead of Core i3. Because- Core i3 processors will not deliver you that extra support that a Core i5 chipset can give you.

Is Core i3 good for gaming?

Ans: Yes, you can play most of all modern games at 60fps with medium settings with a core i3 chipset- if you have a decent graphics card. But you can not expect a triple-digit frame rate per second with a Core i3 chipset. Because- Core i3 chipsets are not made for extreme gaming.