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Explore all dell laptop price in Bangladesh at affordable price from us. Dell is a prominent windows-based laptop brand all over the world. Dell laptops are well known for their longevity and durability. They won customer’s trust over the years- by producing laptops for all budgets and professional users. In Bangladesh, we are one of the authorized Dell laptops distributors and sellers. At our mart, you will find all the different models with various configurations at once. We only sell genuine and official Core i3/i5/i7 models at a discounted price on our website. Check all the Dell laptop price in Bangladesh below and buy your dream laptop.

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People Also Query About Dell Laptop

Is Dell a Chinese company?

Ans: Nope, Dell is founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, and it is an American brand. Its headquarter is in Texas, USA. Dell is one of the biggest brands of computer technology in the world. Over the past year, Dell has gained customers’ trust by providing great customer support.

Is Dell a reliable laptop brand?

Ans: Yes, Dell has a good reputation as a Windows-based laptop brand. Dell has been producing good quality products and continuously getting improved. Dell has budget and premium laptop series for all customers. For that, we can say- Dell is a reliable laptop brand in the industry.

Are Dell laptops durable?

Ans: Yes, Dell laptops are durable and long-lasting. If you use your Laptop without getting psychical damage, then a Dell laptop will last nearly 3 to 5 years. Dell uses decent quality components for Dell also provides good battery backup with a stylish, good looking design.

How do I choose a Dell laptop?

Ans: It is not that difficult to choose a good Dell laptop within your budget and needs. If you need a basic laptop for home and office task- go for the Dell Inspiron series. If you need a business-grade PC, then- Latitude and Vostro will be better. And for gaming, there are Alienware and G series laptops; for stylish portable and extreme performance- you can buy a laptop under the Dell XPS series.

Why is Dell so cheap?

Ans: Dell laptops are not that cheap. As a brand, Dell just ensures value for money products. Dell also does not take so much profit from products and always tries to provide more features at a reasonable price than other brands. But sometimes, Dell uses average quality components to cut the cost of the product.

How good is Dell customer service?

Ans: Dell offers satisfactory customer care services all over the world. They have a quick response team to talk with about problems. Yes, you will get your warranty service properly- if you choose a Dell laptop. Dell also offers an ‘Accidental Damage Service’.