Top Growing Walton Laptop Price in Bangladesh

Explore all Walton laptop price in Bangladesh. Walton is a Bangladeshi electronics brand, and recently they have started producing laptops for home, business and gaming usage. Though they are new in the laptop market, they are gaining the trust of people. They make Windows laptops with Intel and AMD chipset. Yes, like other products- Walton made laptops in Bangladesh. And if you want to buy a Walton laptop, you can check our Walton laptop’s list below. Because we are authorized online sellers of Walton, and we sell 100% authentic Walton laptops at a discounted price, and we ensure an official warranty.

All Walton Laptop Price List in BD

People Also Query About Walton Laptop

Is Walton a reliable brand?

Ans: Walton is a Bangladeshi electronics brand that produces multiple ‘home’ and kitchen appliance. They also make smartphone, laptop and computer hardware. Over time Walton improved the quality of their products and started exporting their goods abroad. For these- You can regard Walton as a reliable growing brand.

Is Walton laptop good?

Ans: Walton produces decent quality laptops for all kinds of customers. Walton laptops are being made in Bangladesh. Walton tries to ensure a solid build construction with quality components. Tough, you can not compare its performance with top-class international brands- you can expect decent performance from a Walton laptop.

How much are Walton laptops?

Ans: Walton provides a wide range of laptop collection for every need. They produce laptops – for basic home, office and gaming usage. Walton brings their laptops under these series- ‘PRELUDE, PASSION, TAMARIND, KARONDA, WAXJAMBU’. Some basic model comes at 20-30,000 TK, some around 40,000 and other premium laptops come to around 50,000 TK.

How long do Walton laptops last?

Ans: You can expect your Walton laptop will last nearly four years in typical usage without any physical damage. As a growing brand, Walton is trying to maintain their product quality to deliver the best experience with a Walton laptop. And that’s why you can be sure that your product will sustain for a long time.

Are Walton laptops are better than Acer?

Ans: Acer is an international brand, and they have been doing the laptop business since 1976. Acer offers decent quality laptops at a very competitive price. And Walton is new in the laptop business, and their laptop can compete with Acer laptops. We can not say that Acer laptops are too good than Waltrop laptops. Because Walton also producing quality products. We can regard both laptop brands as the same in performance.

Should I buy a Walton laptop?

Ans: If you are from Bangladesh and you are looking for a budget laptop- of course, you can choose Walton. Though you won’t get a high-quality performance like HP and DELL, some Walton laptops are better than Acer laptops. So, for basic and home usage, you can buy and support Walton laptop.