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Huawei is a diverse and prominent mobile phone brand in Bangladesh. If you are a great fan of Huawei phones- here on our website, you will come across all the official and unofficial Huawei Mobile Price In Bangladesh. Along with their specifications, you will also get to read our honest reviews for every Huawei device. So that you will be clear to make your choice. Get updated with the latest Huawei phones price in 2021 and enjoy a discount on all Huawei mobiles in our store.

Huawei Latest Official Phone Price in Bangladesh

Huawei Upcoming Phone Price in Bangladesh

Why Huawei is Best?

People Also Query About Huawei Phone

Is Huawei a good brand?

Ans: Yes, Huawei is a reliable smartphone brand. They have been dominating the smartphone market. But now Huawei is getting some issues with the US and not providing Google play service and lost some popularity.

Why was Huawei banned?

The United States government banned Huawei in their country by accusing them of the data thief. Huawei was accused of stealing public information and proving them to China government. We don’t know about the actual truth. But since then- Google stopped providing Android service to Huawei phones.

Can Huawei survive without Android?

Ans: Yes, Huawei is a large company, and now they are developing their OS called- Harmony OS. It will take some time, but Huawei has the potential to back in the race.

What if I buy Huawei now?

Ans: Some old phones still run on Android, but you might not get Google’s play service. And in the latest devices, you will see Harmony OS.

How good is Harmony OS?

Ans: Look, it is a new OS, and it is going through the development process. At first- it may seem slower than Android, but with updates, Huawei will try to fix all the issues. Yes, Harmony OS is good. Huawei is trying to provide all the alternative services that you see on Android phones.

Will Harmony OS run Android apps?

Ans: Harmony OS has its own app store. And Huawei is encouraging developers to make apps for it. Yes, you will find almost all the apps available in the Harmony OS app store, like the Google Play store.