All Official and Upcoming Itel Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Latest Itel Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Indeed, Itel is becoming the popular mobile phone brands in Bangladesh for its affordable price. Here, discover all the upcoming, unofficial and official Itel Mobile Price In Bangladesh with their detailed spec. Read the reviews we make for every Itel phones to be sure about its performance. We have made a list of all Itel phones down below. Also, we announce a special discount on every Itel phone. Check them out and buy your one.

Itel Latest Official Phone Price in Bangladesh

Itel Latest Upcoming Phone Price in Bangladesh

Itel Mobile History Describe at a Glance

Itel Mobile is more familiar to ordinary people than others mobile. Now a day it is extensively used in most of the countries of the world. It is a Chinese-based mobile company.

It is an entry-level and reliable mobile device for all aged people, and its mission is to provide budget-friendly device communications equipment to the customers. It offers his customer “Join and Enjoy” your feeling with Itel Mobile.

It has a great product and attractive portfolio where smartphones and tablets have been designed. Its headquarter at Shenzhen in China. Lei Weiguo is The owner of this company.

This device was launched in 2014. Market Area Itel mobile has enlarged its appearance in around 50 outgoing markets globally. In Africa, a business repotting magazine has released a report that Itel has ranked 17th out of 100 in 2018/2018.

The Itel products are mainly sold in Zimbabwe and some parts of Europe and Latin America. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa, South Africa, Viet Nam, Philippines, Việt Nam, France, Africain are the best marketplace of Itel Mobile. Showrooms and Authorized dealers are sufficient all across the country.

It has also become among the top ten phone brands of Bangladesh in 2019. It is a more affordable price because of much lower tax payments. Its minimum cost is between 3000 -7000 TK. It is a low price mobile in the market t its performance is better than others. Lower-income people can easily buy it for their daily companions.

It has some models like Itel vision 2 But 8,990, Itel vision pro 1 ৳7,690 2/32 GB,৳8,690 3/32 GB, Taka 48 ৳6,690 Itel Vision 1 Plus ✭ ৳7,990 ৳8,490 2/32 GB,৳8,990 ৳9,490 3/32 GB Itel in Bangladesh officially Itel has launched in 2017in Bangladesh. It introduced only low-budget smartphones as it has a sub-company in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s government has reduced its taxes. So it sells at an affordable price. It contains a heavy-duty battery, IPS LCD Screen with a resolution. Though a China-based company, the authority has applied the best technology with Itel mobile.

People Also Query About Itel Mobile Phone

Is Itel an Indian company?

Ans: No. Itel is a Chinese brand that makes affordable smartphones.

Which Itel phone is the latest?

Ans: The Itel Vision 2 Plus model is the latest itel phones.

Are itel mobiles good for gaming?

Ans: No, itel phones are not specialized for heavy gaming. Because they only produce entry budget phones. However, you can play minor games on the Vision series phones.

Are itel phones safe for privacy?

Ans:Yes, itel devices are safe for daily usage. They allow users to control third-party apps to access information.

Is itel official in Bangladesh?

Ans: Yes, itel mobile officially sells its phones and provides warranty services in Bangladesh.