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Realme is a globally well-known brand for its affordable price range. Now, it is one of the popular mobile phone brands in Bangladesh. Find and know about all the latest official Realme Mobile Price In Bangladesh with full specifications and reviews. Also, you will find all the unofficial Realme Mobile prices and their details here as well. Check here the latest updated Realme smartphone price in BD in .

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The Realme is the fastest-growing smartphone brand

Lately, I’ve heard a lot about Realme and smartphones; it has become the fastest-growing smartphone brand in Bangladesh. So yeah, real meat is killing it. But is this a big buck? First, let me talk about really killing it, and then I will get back to them but no pun intended.

So really arrived as an oppo sub-brand in 2018 with the real me one. In May, and honestly, I wasn’t very impressed. It did not have a fingerprint scanner, it wasn’t the most attractive looking phone, and yeah, it had its issues.

We did not even make a video on it, but then we started making some good phones, the Redmi two Pro arrived in October 2018, and it was a great budget smartphone capable of taking on the very popular Redmi Note five Pro. I said this is a real way to pro review the Realme to Pro is a phone that I will recommend.

There’s two Pro was a good start, and after that is launched a ton of new smartphones in 2019, all to take on Xiaomi, the market leader in India, see every time a Redmi phone launched a new Realme before arriving to take on that. And you know what, I loved it. And before Realme, Xiaomi had become the monopoly for budget smartphones in Bangladesh; anyone wanted to buy a new smartphone in the sub 10K or the sub 20 k price segment, I recommend a Xiaomi phone, no doubt.

However, in 2019, it made Xiaomi sweat a lottery with three Pro the X to fibro the XT and recently the X to all grid budget smartphones with a simple aim, taking on red. Every phone launched has been aimed at Xiaomi and Xiaomi, the note seven Pro with Snapdragon 675; then we know the three Pro with Snapdragon 710.

We all know how that panned out, which I mean, the noted pro-64-megapixel camera in China deal me scrubbed through a notch txt with a 64-megapixel camera in Bangladesh first to make sure they are first. These are just two examples, but it’s been clear the release plan has been to take on Xiaomi. And when this plan worked went from 3% market share in q3 2018 to 14.3% market share in q3 2019.

That’s an erroneous growth of almost 400% more than 400%. Yeah, as you can see, that is some great success for a company that’s just a little more than a year old, and well it is very close to beat in vivo and Samsung, plus a lot of reports this year suggests Xiaomi won’t be the smartphone leader in 2021. And we all know the reason for that. Yes, real meat is killing it, but it’s also killing its very own smartphones.

Yeah, let’s talk about that, but 10-second silence for all of these comments that we get. See, the strategy has been all about launching phones left, right, and center, all to take down Xiaomi, and, well, this plan has worked. However, this plan has also become a little bit of a problem.

Let me explain. Realme has become popular with its crate smartphones in the sub 20 k price range. Now at the start of 2019. In April, to be exact, the company launched real meat three Pro, which was a great budget smart, but the company then went ahead and launched the Realme, x in July. Now I get it re X was priced a little higher, so that’s okay. But then the company launched Realme five Pro in August.

So basically a gap of two months between the Renu three pro and the Realme five Pro. Anyway, serene Wi-Fi pro was a good phone too. I’m sure a lot of people bought it, only to feel upset. We didn’t even know how to deal with XP the very next month. Yeah, September, that is insane. The XP was a phone I thought was great, and I thought this is the last budget phone for me this year.

Well, I was wrong. The company went ahead and launched Rrealme x two, so basically, a gap for a month between the x two and x t is insane. No way to buy a new smartphone in this day and age. You expect it to be fresh for at least six months. Right. I mean, I know a lot of people who are upset about me, outdating their phones in just a month or two, it’s like really does not have a plan, and they’re just launching phones to take on the competition, even in the sub 10 k segment the low-end segment, there is a lot of confusion. Since 2019 the company launched six low-end smartphones, three new Realme c one, c two, d three AI, the Realme five, and five.

Now, all of these phones are still available out there. Yes, you can buy every single one of them right now. It is super confusing. And it’s not like every other smartphone maker launches so many phones in here. Just look at Xiaomi, so in 2019 Xiaomi launched two powerful smartphones in the sub 20 k price segment, the Redmi Note seven pro, and the Redmi Note eight pro, and that’s pretty much it. There’s there was also the military, but that wasn’t competing with real before.

Still, I just hope in 2021 Realme has a more explicit strategy of launching its fourth phones priced differently for different price segments and foods that inspire a lot of trust in people who read before their buying won’t get outdated a month or two. It’s just the best phone out there. Thrill Realme, if you’re listening, make it happen.

But do you agree with us, what do you think about, we’ll be launching so many phones in Asia. Tell us in the comment section below. Also, give this article and thumbs up if you agree with us.

People Also Query About Realme Phone

Why is Realme so cheap?

Ans: Realme phones come at a reasonable price cause- Realme does not earn over 3% of the profit from a phone. As a brand, they don’t spend too much money on advertising and marketing. They just take money for manufacturing cost only with a minimum profit margin. They also get support from their parent brand Oppo in this matter. The Chinese company brings smartphone at an affordable price to rival Xiaomi at this budget segment in the market.

Are Realme phones long lasting?

If you compare all Realme phone’s price to their build quality, you can not complain about it. Yes, Realme phones are durable, and if you use your device normally, it will last at least 2-3 years.

Is Realme a reliable brand?

Yes, Realme brand has grown up so quickly for providing value for money phones. It is a sub-brand of Oppo. So you can trust and use Realme devices.

Is Realme safe for privacy?

Ans: Some issues happened in the past, but after that- Realme got the point and assured customers- that they will be strict about privacy. In 2021, if you buy any Realme phones, now you can control and manage privacy settings yourself. Your privacy is protected till you do not allow third-party apps to access your information.

Is Realme UI stock Android?

The Realme UI seems to a fully stock version of Goggle’s Android. Though, it is not at all. Realme puts a simple touch over the pure Android and presents it to you. That’s why in your day-to-day usage, you get a taste of Stock Android in using Realme’s phones. You can call it- a ‘near to stock version of Android’.

Which is better ColorOS or Realme UI?

The latest version of Oppo’s ‘ColorOS 11’ features- a dedicated performance acceleration mode (game mode), which is an advantage of ColourOS. But if you need a more stock android to feel- then the latest Realme UI 2.0 will fulfil your need. Both UI is almost clean and offers enhanced customizable features.

Which Realme series is best?

For premium users, Realme has its ‘X’ series of smartphones. The Realme ‘X’ series brings premium midrange and flagship performance at a reasonable price tag.

Is Realme official in Bangladesh?

Yes, Realme launches their phones in Bangladesh officially. They have a strong distribution lineup, and they provide good warranty services in Bangladesh.

Is Realme better than Redmi?

It is not that easy to answer clearly when both brands have their own specialities. Readmi phones are also powerful; with the new MIUI 12 update, Readmi phones are now more fun to use in 2021. But if you want to get a clean, minimalistic interface with reliable performance, then you can choose Realme.

Is Realme worth buying?

Of course. If your budget is short, you don’t want to afford a highly-priced premium flagship device for your daily usage- then the Realme phones can be worth buying.