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Samsung Latest Official Phone Price in Bangladesh

Samsung Upcoming Phone Price in Bangladesh

Why did people like Samsung smartphone especially in Bangladesh?

Hi, there is Hasan and in this article let’s talk about SAMSUNG specifically SAMSUNG smartphones in Bangladesh. And what I feel about them, what are they doing wrong. And I divide this into two parts. One is regarding the mid-range smartphones and another: the flagship devices, and tons of smartphones from Samsung’s during the last nine years. So just formulating. And if you guys recall before about 2018 or even you could say, by the start of 2019 in the mid-range segment, Samsung did not compete. Goprice offers the best price while finding Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh.

That is why Xiaomi and other Chinese players could dominate that market we had the famous G Series of smartphones. I used to call them the joke series jokingly. But fortunately, by 2019, they realized that the series had a problem the midrange offering was feeble compared to the crime so what the Chinese vendors were doing. They released this new M series, and I would say that’s the right direction what they did, but again being typically a large company. What he did was that they always tried to protect their other lineup of devices. And I would say this a lot less with MCs by the time.

I like the thing with MCs because most of the instruments on screen and the big mantra was excellent battery life. That 5000 milliamp-hour 6000 milliamp-hour trends rounded by Samsung in this mid-range. Many users like that they had that amulet screen, massive battery. But again, like Samsung, you know, the chinos processor they make it for by Samsung only is manufactured, so most of these devices in the mid-range are continuing to have Exynos SOC not going to be around the modern Exynos mid-range processes are okay.

Still, again in shine Yes, they are not as good as Qualcomm counterparts, for example in battery life The Qualcomm chipsets generally give slightly better battery life. Even in gaming, I would say the partners. I do better in gaming because of Adreno GPU. The thing is that most of these game developers, optimize the games for the Adreno GPU.

That’s right. Any other vendor that uses a different chipset is the what is Exynos uses the Mali GPU; the GPU is not padded. And that’s why, even with other chipsets, for example, the media tech, again, uses Mali. So forgiving generally the Arduino is the most optimized, so they’re losing on that market. I got it, ran a few weeks ago, and asked few people, so I’m only about 25% of the people saying gaming is a priority for them, so I think she understands that.

So in that area, I would say okay, but again, when you want to capture this mid-range market, you have this new M series you have the M 30 and 31 m 40. what is one more series with this mone specifically having a Snapdragon chipset that way, people who are passionate about gaming. I know many youngsters who don’t have huge budgets, and they want to buy a mid-range smartphone will prefer a style that comes with a Snapdragon chipset, so that is one place where Samsung is missing out.

And they’re just pushing the Exynos Soc. Apart from that, I am moving in the right direction with the M series; they still have an amulet screen; they still have that considerable battery which is essential. The venue Why is better than the old TouchWiz or the legless we used to call it so that I got, but again, they have to work on this continuously. And if provide faster charging in their models, and hopefully, at least some models with the Snapdragon SoC with decent competitive pricing. Even though the M series Samsung tries to protect their another series, they have this, which is significantly slightly more expensive than the MCs.

I think so, intentionally Samsung tries to run an M series device because most of the M series A, for example, the recent one that I liked was m 31 and now in camera department also the M series are doing good. M 31 had a perfect camera. A megapixel sensor that they used was optimized very well so, in the camera department, they are doing a good thing, but the dog and 31 had an amulet screen, they did not give up on display. We are trying to protect the CDs, so if you want in-display fingerprint scanner with slightly faster charging and stuff, we are trying to push you to the series, but they have to understand the market’s reality right now.

The Chinese vendors at around price point of 15 16,000 are giving such useful devices. Most people are educated, they have an internet connection, they can easily Google out stuff. Hence I feel in this area of protecting; they’re another series. They cannot capitalize on their M series if it only had one or two strings with a Snapdragon SoC and display fingerprint camera and stuff like that.

I think that we only Samsung can capture the market back from the Chinese vendors. Because many people ask me, so I mean phones, without that are not Chinese made that with a particular price band, and it is not easy because when I give them the options, they say, Okay, this brand extractor doesn’t have these options. Still, this one does have, so it’s a hard reality that Samsung needs to understand. They have to stop protecting what you say if you want to make one TV is excellent that a lot runs m series, make it strong if you make it healthy, it can compete but trying to protect a string, does not work for example the ones that Thompson get is 71 priced at about 30,000, the Snapdragon.

What is that 730 Soc? Great phone excellent phone but how can I recommend that phone for 30,000, the price range just absurd at 30,000. So that is the problem with the Samsung MCs they’ve got the pricing right. But again, you have to put a little more on the components that you put that people are looking for, for example, a Snapdragon SoC in-display fingerprint scanners and stuff like that. Again, the big problem with the diagnosis pushing their Snapdragon SoC, which is not ideal for heavy gamers, I would say, and trying to protect the stem from a series of devices, so that’s the big problem that Samsung is having in the mid-range. Fortunately, I would say the entire mid-range lineup was crap by Samsung, but guide series are much much much better now if you move to the flagships.

For example, let’s take the example of the latest one this is the Galaxy S 20 plus. So the S 20 series is that Flash file, and you’re again talking about India guys I’m not talking about worldwide market. And here I would say it’s an excellent form, and just about four or five days ago I had to put up a full review, it’s a perfect phone in terms of hardware engineering what they have done with balanced display the call clarity. But the problem with this phone is that Samsung, again, in Asia, and many parts of Europe, still use the Exynos Soc.

The Exynos 990 SOC is used on this one, not maybe wrong it’s not a lousy SOC, but ROM is that we have the Snapdragon 865, which the same Samsung sells in US and China. So significantly if you’re buying the same smartphone in China or America significantly get as that chip said. For example, if we compare the Snapdragon 865 to better battery life than the Snapdragon counterpart, with external usage, the Snapdragon heats a lot less than this one the ISP.

That is the immediate signalling processor is better on this round one. So, I don’t get advice Samsung is trying to push their Exynos SOC I understand they are manufacturing it to call it a lot cheaper, but again, the thing is that these devices are not affordable. Why not give the consumer the best option. So that is something that sampling retry need to understand, if you’re going for the flagship, provide the best components. Don’t try to favour your own Soc. If it is inferior to this generation, that was not always the case, for example, a few ages ago. The Exynos for the exam, if I recall during the Snapdragon 820.

I would say the Exynos was slightly better in terms of battery life, and also the dock. That is the headphone jack used to be better on the Exynos ones than the Snapdragon, but now the situation has completely changed. Dragon 855 and now the 865, definitely the Snapdragon variants, give better battery life, have better gaming performance, and even the ISP is better. So Samsung needs to understand that. Now understand that and if you’re giving the flagship give it with the best processor very right, specifically in Bangladesh because it will be difficult otherwise.

And the thing is that Samsung needs to understand in the market, at least for Android smartphones. People these days do not have a lot of choices again I’m talking about India guys. For example, other flagship smartphone options available, LG, which is, almost not there in Bangladesh. We have pixel smartphones that come with the processor, but again you know the pixel situation, and that this is not that serious and the pixel four was also launched launch. So what is left right now, if you’re on our flagship Android smartphone. It’s the new one plus row, yeah coming out, I think two one plus realize the situation, and they are coming out with the Pro Series. The new eight pros might be about 60,000 or something. But the thing. It will come with the Snapdragon 865 and have 5g capabilities that are missing on the Samsung flagships.

And something needs to understand best if you want to capture the market. We have many, for the love the Exynos SOC is, at least in the higher end because you’re charging that premium, so why not give the consumers the product they have. I feel that Samsung makes these changes, we can combat the market because the camera on this new grainy series is good. So I hope Samsung pays attention to these some of the things, the problem with Samsung is that they only realized when they start losing the market drastically. And they make changes that happened with the M series. So if current videos like this, this will even occur in their flagship series. Tuition changes. Anyways, guys, these were my thoughts about Samsung smartphones in India, what do you guys think about the same. Let me know in the comment section below anyways guys that’s it for now. Thanks for reading this is run cheat.

Top 10 Hostest and popular bangladeshi samsung mobile with Price

Model Price Short Description
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Starting from BDT 1,50,000 The best of the best from Samsung. Features a 6.8-inch AMOLED display, 108MP quad rear camera, and 40MP front camera.
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Starting from BDT 1,20,000 A powerful and versatile smartphone with a 6.8-inch AMOLED display, 108MP quad rear camera, and 40MP front camera.
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Starting from BDT 80,000 A great value-for-money smartphone with a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, 64MP triple rear camera, and 32MP front camera.
Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Starting from BDT 60,000 A well-rounded smartphone with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, 108MP quad rear camera, and 32MP front camera.
Samsung Galaxy M53 5G Starting from BDT 45,000 A great option for budget-minded buyers with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, 108MP quad rear camera, and 32MP front camera.
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G Starting from BDT 1,00,000 A powerful and stylish smartphone with a 6.6-inch AMOLED display, 50MP triple rear camera, and 10MP front camera.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Starting from BDT 80,000 A unique and stylish smartphone with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display that folds in half.
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Starting from BDT 50,000 A great all-rounder with a 6.5-inch AMOLED display, 64MP quad rear camera, and 32MP front camera.
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Starting from BDT 35,000 A budget-friendly smartphone with a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, 48MP quad rear camera, and 13MP front camera.

People Also Query About Samsung Phone

Is Samsung Mobile a Chinese company?

Ans: Nope, Samsung is a South Korean tech Company- Established on 1 March 1938. Samsung not only produces smartphones, but the tech giant also produces TV, Fridge, AC, Washing Machine and other home and kitchen appliances.

What is the latest Samsung phone 2021?

Ans: The ‘Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’ is the latest premium flagship device from Samsung. On that phone, Samsung provided the S pen support, which is for the first time for this S series devices.

What is the cheapest Samsung phone?

Right now, the Samsung Galaxy A2 Core is the cheapest Samsung phone in the Bangladeshi market. Its price is about 7,000 TK.

What is the difference between Samsung A and S Series?

Ans: It’s all about price and quality. Samsung S series is the most premium flagship series from Samsung. An S series smartphone contains outstanding designs with tremendous performance. Where the ‘A’ series is much affordable than the S series. It also offers great design with high performance. But, end of the day, an A-series phone is called a mid-range device.

How many years does a Samsung phone last?

It depends on how you use your phone. If you use your device without damaging it, then it will last at least three to six years after buying.

Do Samsung phones get slower over time?

Some people used to say it, but nowadays, Samsung producing good quality smartphones, and they won’t get slower overnight. Well, every electronics gadgets get slower over time. In that perspective- the answer is yes. But it doesn’t mean that your new phone will become slower after few months.

Which Samsung phone is best for the camera?

In 2021, the Samsung Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is the best camera phone from Samsung. The phone has a 108 MP primary camera on the rear, which is one of the finest cameras on a smartphone and the best in a Samsung device.

Is Nokia better than Samsung?

Samsung phones are a bit expensive because of the company’s brand value and quality of services. Some people say Samsung spend extra money on product marketing and maintain a higher profit margin.

What are the Samsung phone models?

Nowadays, Samsung is bringing different choices for consumers. Now Samsung offers The Galaxy ‘S’ ‘A’, ‘M’ and F series with lots of models under these series.