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Symphony mobile is a product of Edison Groupe who manufactures mobiles for Bangladesh only. To be updated with all official, unofficial and upcoming Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh in 2021- please get in touch with us. Our experts have listed all the latest symphony mobiles with their full specifications that you can see down below. We also do reviews for you. To help you be clear about your buying decision. Come and explore the phone list, read reviews and find your match with a special discount at our site.

Symphony Latest Official Phones in Bangladesh

Symphony Upcoming Phones in Bangladesh

Why Symphony becomes a favorite in Bangladesh?

Nowadays, Symphony Mobile is an excellent mobile in our times. Symphony mobile sailed its journey in 2008 when there were few mobiles in the market places. To communicate with our nearest and dearest one, a mobile phone is an essential thing for us. So with fair prices, it is allowing us to share with our dearest one.

As a low prices mobile, symphony changes a revolutionary zeal in communication, education, trade and commerce, social networking, and entertainment. We feel like a new experience every time with this device. Only two years since its inception, it has achieved its market leader position. People give themselves its slogan “Number 1 handset brand” mobile in Bangladesh.

A few days back, Nokia and other brands have driven giant mobiles. Symphony has achieved its glory with competitive pricing strategy, innovation, and the most extensive nationwide distribution of over 17,000 outlets. At present, it captures 29% of the total market share, and the smartphone holds 23% of the total market. As low prices mobile, the aspiring middle – income youth and the youngsters have directly involved with these devices.

People Also Query About Symphony Phone

Is Symphony A Bangladeshi company?

Ans: Yes, Symphony is a Bangladesh based smartphone company.

Is Symphony a reliable mobile brand?

Ans: Symphony mobile is trusted in Bangladesh since its birth. They have an effective chain of sales and service all over the country.

Are Symphony phones are good for gaming?

Ans: Symphony phones are not that great for gaming. But you can play mid-level games on the new ‘Z’ series phones.

Is Symphony safe for privacy?

Ans: Yes, you can control your privacy settings with the latest Symphony devices with Android 10 and 11.

Are Symphony phones worth buying?

Ans: For a budget user, Symphony phones will be great for primary usage.