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Explore all the official, unofficial and upcoming Xiaomi Mobile Price In Bangladesh with their full specifications and reviews here. Today Xiaomi has become one of the trendy and growing mobile phone brands in our country. Check here the latest updated Xiaomi price in BD 2021. And also, don’t miss out the honest reviews we do for every Xiaomi phones. That will help you to make your decision of buying the best phone in your budget..

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Why Xiaomi so popular in Bangladesh and other countries?

Xiaomi is the trending and most successful smartphone in Bangladesh now. It offers a reasonable price in Bangladesh also. I’ve always been a fan of Apple products since I got my first MacBook. I fell in love with Apple products, and since then, I’ve only used a MacBook and iPhone. They look great. They feel great, and they’re so compact that you can’t simply ignore them.

But then, in 2018, I wanted to try something new. I have locked in this ecosystem for so many years already. And I thought it’s time to try something completely new, something that I’m not even familiar with. While hanging out with some of my friends, I realized that one of them had a new phone. The phone and familiar. I couldn’t even recognize the brand, and when I asked him about it. He replied it’s Xiaomi.

That was the first time I have ever heard about this brand. I had a difficult time pronouncing that name, and I still can’t pronounce it correctly. I mean, how do you call it, CL me Xiaomi. Anyways, after playing with the phone for few minutes and then finding out rice, I was amazed because I didn’t think that you could get such an excellent font for such a price. The next day I ordered the same phone, which is Redmi Note two. And to be honest, it was too good for 150 bucks, after playing with it for some time.

The question that crossed my mind was how on earth. This company makes money when they’re selling such a great font at such a low price. After digging into the company, I was shocked because the company was launched in 2010, and they have achieved incredible success in a short period by 2014.

There was the leading smartphone manufacturer by several cells in China, beating everyone else. I mean, with the release of the iPhone, some of the great players in the industry almost went bankrupt because they couldn’t stay competitive. Remember Nokia? They went from hero to zero. A Chinese company comes up and, within five years, surpasses even apple in China, and becomes one of the major players in the global market. Let’s take a look at Xiaomi’s business model and figure out how they achieved such incredible success in such a short period. We usually complain about how phone prices are going up.

Still, we don’t usually understand the hidden costs that phones require to try and reach our hands, companies spend billions just to let you know that they exist or keep you aware of their latest product, but at the end of the day, we the consumers have thrived with that. However, Xiaomi has found ways to avoid that. Instead of having a multi-billion dollar marketing budget. The company does very little advertising and revising social media and to reduce the cost. Further, they don’t spend a fortune, open up stores around the world, hire 1000s of people, and only sell their products online directly to customers by cutting out the middleman.

You could lower their prices, and by implementing just in time manufacturing strategy, the company doesn’t need to maintain a vast inventory. The logic was to build great phones for extremely affordable prices that would attract everyone.

And guess what, it worked, made Xiaomi. One of the major players in the smartphone industry within few years. But that’s not the story, because the other part is Xiaomi sells their smartphones, nearly the cost of production, and often doesn’t make any profit. It doesn’t mean that Xiaomi is such a novel company that doesn’t care about money, but rather, they have a different business model. Instead of making a profit when they sell you the product. They would instead make a profit when you use the product by selling your services, ads, etc.

So smartphones are like a Trump just right into the Xiaomi ecosystem. Because besides selling your services, Xiaomi sells like everything. Suppose you’re not healthy with the company’s strategy. It seems like they’re selling whatever comes into their mind, from electric scooters to rice cookers trial.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they will start selling cars or guests. It might seem like a completely new business model, but it’s not because companies like Google have had the same business model since their inception. Google doesn’t charge you when you use Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, but they continuously sell you ads. Other services like storage and Google Drive.

Of course, their sales figures have declined in recent years, but they’re not the only ones because the entire smartphone market is deteriorating. But their rapid growth, given them global awareness to build such a brand, isn’t easy. Imagine the number of skills that you have to master, but every business starts with an idea.

Most importantly, you should be able to present that idea so that it will inspire others to take action. And one of the most qualified people to teach is Simon Sinek. You probably have seen him talk or came across his book; start with why. And guess what, he has a brilliant course on Skillshare that you should watch if you ever want to turn that idea into a reality. 

People Also Query About Xiaomi Phone

Is Xiaomi an Indian company?

Ans: Nope, Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company, and nowadays- they are producing other gadgets and appliances besides smartphones. Like- TV, Laptop and so on.

Why are Xiaomi phones so cheap?

Xiaomi Phones always comes at a reasonable price cause Xiaomi does not take too much profit from their phone. It is said- that Xiaomi takes only up to 5% of the profit from a phone. That means they just take their manufacturing cost and a little profit only. Because Xiaomi phones have become soo popular and they believe in the high sale and low-profit margin. And Xiaomi does not spend tons of money on marketing purpose. That is why Xiaomi phones are so cheap than other brands.

Is Xiaomi better than Samsung?

It depends on both brand phone’s price and quality. Samsung phones are expensive than Xiaomi. In terms of display, build quality, software compatibility and performance- Samsung’s flagship phones offer better quality than Xiaomi phones, though those phones are highly-priced. But if we talk about budget-oriented smartphones with high performance- then Xiaomi wins. So, we can say- Samsung is great for premium quality smartphones. And Xiaomi is for budget performance. In that case, both brands are better than each other.

Is Xiaomi and Redmi the same?

Ans:The Redmi is Xiaomi’s sub-brand. In that case, both are the same. But Xiaomi produces flagship and higher mid-range phones under the ‘MI’ series.

Do Xiaomi phones last long?

If you use your mobile without external damage, then it is obvious- that your mobile will last at least two years.

What is good about Xiaomi?

Its performance capability is really admirable for its reasonable price tag. And the brand offers all-premium, mid-budget and affordable phones for every consumer; MI, Redmi and Poco phones present great values for money.

Why Xiaomi phones are bad?

To deliver reliable performance at a cheap price, Xiaomi has to cut the cost of its phones by providing low-quality materials. For that, many Xiaomi phones come with low build quality and other quality issues. And you may face problems with after-sales services as well. And you may get some junk apps pre-installed with the UI.

How good is MIUI?

The latest version of Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 is way better than its predecessor. Though MIUI is not that great, like- OnePlus’s Oxygen OS or Samsung’s One UI. Nevertheless, the new MIUI is fun to use and easy to customize. And you can also uninstall all the pre-install applications that come with MIUI.

Is Xiaomi spying on users?

Some report says, Xiaomi seal customers browsing data and sells them to third-party companies. But it is not officially proven or declared yet by any countries. Though it still has some privacy issues with the clean master apps.

Are Xiaomi phones safe?

Yes, Xiaomi phones are safe to use. If you get problems with using your device, you can ask for support from Xiaomi’s community-