Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

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Motorcycle Buying Guides For Beginners

We are here to give you the ultimate motorcycle buying guide and tips. We want to tell you guys how to buy your first motorcycles for your new guys. How to buy your first motorcycle in the first place start is how to choose your first motorcycle, and here’s how we’re going to go first you got to do research, guys, you gotta.

You have a dive into the person that knows the most. They’re going to make the best out to make the best decisions. So do your research, too. We call this in the community Ask, seek wise counsel, talk to people, ask people that know what they’re talking about; don’t just talk to your idiot buddy who has owned a motorcycle three months longer than you have.

You can speak to him, but just put a certain amount of weight on that thought the guy’s going to run for a long time. I’m looking to get my first bike; what do you think, and preferably, find someone who’s not financially incentivized depending on what bike you’re going to buy. Figure out what type of riding style you plan on doing. Will you be a sportbike rider? You’re going to be a cruiser bike rider, enduro bike rider, a dirt bike rider, figure that out, and then go into that thing.

Another important thing is to figure out what your buddies are riding if all your buddies are riding sportbikes. I wouldn’t recommend getting supersport for your first bike, but if our fellows are already in sportbikes, and you go and get you to know a Harley Davidson, you’re not going to have as much fun as if you’re all riding the same bike so definitely keep that in mind.

Another thing is trying to convince your buddies to all get the same bike. I talked about this all the time. Suppose you have a little fellow right there. If you have a Grom and all your buddies are right in super sports or Harley’s or adventure bikes or enduro bikes, you’re not going to have very much fun, they’re not going to have very much fun ride with you, it’s not going to be that enjoyable, but if you all have the same.

Let’s say you’ll have grumps; let’s say you all have 14 $100 Amazon bikes. Let’s say you all have, you know, 1980 Kawasaki 440s. Try all the exact bikes; you’re all having the same fun days, the same troubles, and everything becomes awesome.

The second part, how are you going to pay for this motorcycle. That’s something you guys got to figure out, and there are a couple of different options. Some you might not know; one, the best possible choice for acquiring your first motorcycle, drive you can get it for free. Now you okay?

That’s a dumb idea, right. Listen, there’s a lot of old, 80s 9070s, sitting in someone’s garage sitting in someone’s backyard that you could obtain for free. It needs a couple of $100, Maybe 500 bucks, you know, new tires and carbon clean and stuff like that, it that is possible. I bought a bunch of them myself. I’ve gotten them for free myself. That’s so sad that you’re doing those people a favor.

The second thing is, trade and barter, you can trade some let’s say you have an old car you don’t want you don’t drive anymore. Hey, maybe someone who has a motorcycle doesn’t want a car. You can consider trading it. My first motorcycle was a, not a motorcycle. A moped and it was a 1970 Something Girelli 49 CC, and I was, I was working for a guy for about a week, I was pulling out all his bird Hazel or poison ivy or something like that.

And he’s like, I can pay you a couple 100 bucks, or I can give you this thing with two wheels and a motor, and of course, I took the gorilla because it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, so you can trade or barter services. The other thing is, cash, I think money is one of the best is what you get for free, is one of the best possible ways to buy a motorcycle.

It’s the cheapest way to buy a bike, compared to the other options I’m going to tell you right now. The other option is financing. Alright, if you don’t have the money, or you want to buy it now. The best way if you’re going to finance go to your local credit union, go to your local credit union, get finance get the check from them, take it to a dealership. Try another option.

The other way is to go to a dealership and financing right there. The worst option is if you are subprime, you know, excellent credit, going with a subprime lender.

It’s going to cost you a lot of money. If you’re going to do that, pay the bike off as soon as you can deliver pizzas, do whatever you got to do, do not have that loan for more than a year, you’re going to spend five times as much of the value of the bike for that, the worst possible option for most people for 99% of people is a lease.

When you lease a motorcycle lease a used motorcycle, you’re making payments 200 bucks 300 bucks four dollars a month, but then by the two years are done. They take your bike away. So I think it’s one of the worst options, a few rare circumstances where that’s a good thing, but chances are for you, it’s not.

Now you guys know what bike you’re going to buy and how you’re going to buy it. Now the question is how do you find the bike that you’re looking to buy a couple of different options one friends or family, talk to friends or family, chances are you might have a buddy. You might have an uncle or someone who has a blight that they want to get for free, get rid of for cheap.

That might be a good option for you. The other option is a Facebook marketplace. The Facebook marketplace has replaced Craigslist for buying local things. And the reason that happened is that it’s not anonymous anymore.

You can go on there and be like, Oh, we have a mutual friend, or they went to school with this guy. It kind of puts a face to the name, and you sort of background checking like oh this, you know, we have shared things common interest and stuff like that. So that’s another good option if you’re doing Facebook marketplace. It’s easier to buy something and to get a good deal on stuff.

If you have cash in hand and cash in hand when no one else has cash in hand, let’s say, When am I most likely to post something on the Facebook market. When I get home from work, chances are the banks are closed. If you’re like I got 2000 bucks to spend on a motorcycle, try to keep that $2,000 in your house in a safe spot, say from your wife, so save that money, and then when that listing comes up at 630 Bam, hey I got cash man I’ll come up right now so 1800 bucks.

That’s an excellent way to get a great deal; local dealers stop by your local dealer to see what they got. Did they have any good deals? Make sure you don’t just walk into a dealership and assume that they’ve got a good deal.

You know, price checking online, there’s a cheaper one, you know, the next town over the other option, possibly the best option, and this might be partial. 

I hope that gives you some good information on buying a motorcycle you have any questions, throw them down below.

People Also Query About Motorcycle

Is it harder to drive a motorcycle?

For some people, it could be hard to drive a motorcycle than a car. A motorbike has only two wheels. A person who is not good at cycle riding may get a problem with motorcycle riding. But nothing in the world is tough- to learn. If you want, you can learn it over time.

Will buying a motorcycle save me money?

Ans: Yes, compared to a car, the motorcycle is more power-efficient and affordable to buy. A car consumes more fuel, and a car’s servicing cost is higher than a motorcycle. A fuel-efficient motorcycle will save time and money.

How long will a motorcycle last?

Ans: On average, a motorbike sustains for up to fifteen years. But it is required to take care of the machine according to guidelines to get longevity. Because if someone misuses his or her motorcycle will not last many years.

What should I know before buying a motorcycle?

Ans: Before purchasing a motorcycle, be clear about your demand and make a budget. And look for a motorcycle within your price from a good brand that offers quality components and better customer service. Make sure you buy a powerful engine, comfortable seat, reliable tires and braking system.

What are the top best motorcycle brands?

Ans: Motorcycles are been a part of our transport for long years. We got many brands that have been manufacturing bikes for us. These are some remarkable motorbike brands- Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, BMW, Suzuki, Aprilia, Hero, Bajaj, TVS.

Is buying a motorcycle worth it?

Ans: If you are fond of riding a motorbike, you know how to ride a bike, and you can afford a bike with petrol cost- then it is absolutely worth buying. A motorbike will become a partner in your travel. Buy it.