Photocopy Machine Price in Bangladesh

A photocopy machine, also known as a copier, is a device used to create paper copies of documents and images quickly and easily. The machine works by using a process called xerography, which was first developed by Chester Carlson in 1938.

To make a copy, the original document is placed on a glass surface, and a bright light is shone onto it. The light reflects off the document and onto a photoconductive drum inside the copier. The drum is then charged with static electricity, which attracts toner particles (usually black or colored powder) to it. The toner particles stick to the drum in the same pattern as the original document.

Next, a piece of paper is fed into the copier, and the toner on the drum is transferred to the paper. The paper then goes through a pair of heated rollers, which melt the toner particles and fuse them to the paper. The end result is a duplicate of the original document.

Modern photocopy machines may also include features such as automatic document feeders, double-sided printing, and scanning capabilities. They are commonly used in offices, libraries, and other settings where large numbers of paper copies are needed.