AKG C414 XLII Large-diaphragm Multipattern Condenser Microphone Price in Bangladesh

৳ 139,500

Key Features

  • Model: C414 XLII
  • For Voice, Instruments, Drums & Cabs
  • Nine Selectable Polar Patterns
  • Switchable Pad at -6, -12, or -18 dB
  • Low-Cut Filter at 40, 80, or 160 Hz

AKG C414 XLII Large-diaphragm Multipattern Condenser Microphone Specification

Basic Information
Microphone Type Large Diaphragm Mic / Stand/Boom Mount
Sound Level Equivalent noise level: 6 dB-A
Noise/Signal 88 dB-A
Main Specs
Frequency Range 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 23 mV/Pa
Output Impedance Electrical impedance: 200 Ohms
Recommended load impedance: 2200 Ohms
Dimension Length: 38 mm
Width: 50 mm
Height: 160 mm
Weight 300 g
Polar pattern Cardioid, Figure of eight, Hypercardioid, Omnidirectional, and Wide Cardioid
Connector XLR
Power Module Voltage: 44 to 52 V
Current: 4.5 mA
Warranty No warranty

Unleash Your Recording Potential with Uncompromising Sound Quality

The AKG C414 XLII is a flagship large-diaphragm multipattern condenser microphone that stands as a testament to AKG’s commitment to excellence in audio capture. Designed for professional studio recording, the C414 XLII offers unmatched sound quality, versatile performance, and a range of features that empower musicians, engineers, and producers to bring their recordings to life. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of the AKG C414 XLII and discover why it is regarded as a pinnacle of microphone technology.

Unrivaled Sound Reproduction

The AKG C414 XLII sets the standard for pristine audio capture. Equipped with a large-diaphragm condenser capsule and advanced electronics, this microphone delivers an incredibly detailed, transparent, and accurate sound reproduction. Whether you’re recording vocals, instruments, or ensembles, the C414 XLII excels in capturing the subtle nuances, dynamic range, and tonal characteristics of your sources, allowing you to achieve professional-grade recordings that truly shine.

Nine Selectable Polar Patterns for Ultimate Versatility

One of the standout features of the AKG C414 XLII is its ability to switch between nine different polar patterns. From the highly focused cardioid pattern to omnidirectional, figure-8, and various intermediate patterns, this microphone offers unparalleled versatility. This versatility allows you to adapt to different recording situations with ease, whether you’re capturing a solo artist, a group performance, or even recording in challenging acoustic environments. The ability to select the ideal polar pattern for each recording scenario empowers you to achieve optimal sound capture and unleash your creativity to the fullest.

Extended Frequency Response and High Dynamic Range

The C414 XLII microphone boasts an extended frequency response range, capturing the full spectrum of audio with incredible precision. From deep lows to sparkling highs, this microphone faithfully reproduces the entire frequency range, preserving the natural timbre and character of your recordings. Additionally, the high dynamic range of the C414 XLII allows it to handle both delicate and powerful sound sources without distortion, ensuring excellent transient response and preserving the dynamics of your performances.

Selectable Attenuation and Low-Cut Filters for Precision Control

The AKG C414 XLII offers selectable attenuation pads and low-cut filters to further enhance its versatility. The -6dB and -12dB pads allow you to reduce the microphone’s sensitivity when recording high sound pressure levels, providing optimal performance when capturing loud sources or close-miking instruments. The switchable low-cut filters help eliminate low-frequency rumble or unwanted ambient noise, ensuring clean and focused recordings. These additional controls offer precise control over the microphone’s response, enabling you to tailor it to the specific needs of your recordings.

Durable Construction for Reliable Performance

The AKG C414 XLII is built to withstand the demands of professional recording environments. It features a robust all-metal construction that ensures durability and reliability, making it suitable for both studio and live recording applications. Additionally, the microphone includes a spider-type shock mount that effectively isolates it from vibrations and handling noise, providing clean and undisturbed recordings.

The AKG C414 XLII Large-diaphragm Multipattern Condenser Microphone is a pinnacle of audio capture technology, offering uncompromising sound quality, versatile performance, and precise control. With its unrivaled sound reproduction, nine selectable polar patterns, extended frequency response, selectable attenuation and low-cut filters, and durable construction, the C414 XLII empowers recording professionals to unleash their creativity and achieve outstanding recordings. Elevate your sound recording to new heights with the AKG C414 XLII and experience the excellence that has made it an industry standard for professionals worldwide.