APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Price in Bangladesh

৳ 6,600

Elevate your power backup game with the APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS. Uninterrupted power meets efficiency in this sleek powerhouse, ensuring your devices stay powered and protected. Experience reliability redefined.

Model 1120F
Load Capacity 1200VA
Transfer Time 2ms typical; 5ms maximum
Waveform PWM Simulated Sine wave
Battery Type 2 x Lead-Acid maintenance-free battery


APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS full specification

Feature Specification
Main Feature UPS
Capacity 1200VA
Frequency (Battery Mode) 60Hz
Noise Level EMI/RFI full time suppression
Battery 2 PCS Lead-Acid maintenance-free
Alarm On Battery, Battery Low and Overload
Indications AC Normal: Green LED Steadily; Backup: Yellow LED intermittently
Input Features Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Voltage Range: 100/110/120/220/230/240VAC Nominal -25%+25%
Output Features Backup Time: 10-30 minutes depending on load connected
Type of Wave: PWM Simulated Sine wave
Transfer Time: 2ms typical; 5ms maximum
Manufacture Warranty 1 Year

Uninterrupted Power, Unmatched Performance: APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS

Experience the pinnacle of power reliability with the APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS. Elevate your workspace with a robust and efficient solution that ensures your essential devices stay protected against sudden power outages and voltage fluctuations.

Product Description:

Introducing the APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS – your fortress against power uncertainties. With a commanding 1200VA capacity, this UPS is engineered to keep your critical electronics running seamlessly. The offline functionality guarantees a swift response to power disruptions, providing an instant switch to battery power to safeguard your devices from potential damage.

Compact and powerful, the APOLLO 1120F seamlessly integrates into your workspace, offering a blend of performance and convenience. Beyond its protective capabilities, this UPS prioritizes energy efficiency, offering a cost-effective solution for continuous power assurance.

Trust in the APOLLO legacy to deliver uncompromising power protection for your computers, routers, and other sensitive equipment. Invest in the APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS for a reliable and resilient power solution that ensures uninterrupted productivity in every moment.