Digital X 650VA Price in Bangladesh

৳ 3,200

Digital X 650VA Offline UPS full specification

Main Feature Capacity 650VA
Load Capacity Load Capacity 360W
Input Voltage 85 – 135V
Output Voltage Output Voltage 100 – 220V
Frequency (Battery Mode) 50 – 60Hz
Battery Number of Batteries 1 pcs
Battery Type 12V, 7AH

“Power Up with Precision: Digital X 650VA Offline UPS for Uninterrupted Performance”

Product Description: Elevate your power management game with the Digital X 650VA Offline UPS, a reliable solution designed to keep your devices running seamlessly. Whether you’re safeguarding your home office, gaming setup, or essential electronics, this UPS is your ticket to uninterrupted performance.

With a sleek and compact design, the Digital X 650VA seamlessly integrates into your workspace, ensuring minimal footprint while delivering maximum power protection. Say goodbye to unexpected shutdowns and data loss, as this UPS provides a reliable buffer during power outages, giving you the time you need to save your work and shut down your devices safely.

Featuring advanced surge protection, the Digital X 650VA guards your valuable equipment against voltage fluctuations and electrical spikes. The offline design ensures swift transition to battery power when needed, guaranteeing a seamless switch without compromising your connected devices.

Don’t let power interruptions disrupt your workflow or compromise your electronics. Invest in the Digital X 650VA Offline UPS for a robust, energy-efficient solution that prioritizes the longevity and performance of your devices. Power up with confidence, backed by the reliability of Digital X technology.