Hitachi 586 Liters Water Dispenser Refrigerator (R-W690P7PB-GBK) Price in Bangladesh

৳ 197,900

Product Information
Brand Hitachi
Type Refrigerator
Emi Available 12 Months
Warranty Information (Official) Compressor: 10 years, Spare parts: 1 year, Service: 2 years
Color Black

Product Description

Net Capacity Total: 540 | Freezer: 144 | Refrigerator: 396
Cooling System Inverter x Dual Fan Cooling
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Width: 855 | Height: 1835 | Depth with Handle: 737 | Depth without Handle: 727
Door 4 Door
Refrigerator Compartment Fresh Select Tempered Glass Shelves Water Tank with Filter (Water Dispenser) LED Light
Freezer Compartment Movable Twist Ice Tray Quick Freezing Tempered Glass Shelf LED Light
Power Supply (V, Hz) 220-240, 50/60
Common Features Refrigerant R-600a | CFC-Free | HFC-Free | No Frost | Mold proof Door Gasket
General Features Dual Sensing Control (Eco Thermos Sensor) Water Dispenser Touch Screen Controller Nano Titanium Filter Door Alarm

Embrace Culinary Excellence with Hitachi’s 586 Liters Water Dispenser Refrigerator

Elevate your kitchen with a touch of elegance and embark on a culinary journey of exceptional freshness with the Hitachi 586 Liters Water Dispenser Refrigerator (R-W690P7PB-GBK), a premium appliance meticulously crafted to preserve the essence of your ingredients while providing a refreshing and convenient hydration experience. Powered by cutting-edge technology and equipped with a range of innovative features, this refrigerator seamlessly blends functionality, style, and convenience, making it the perfect addition to any modern home.

Experience Preservation Perfection with Dual Fan Cooling

Witness a revolution in food preservation with Hitachi’s groundbreaking Dual Fan Cooling system. This advanced system utilizes two separate fans to circulate cool air independently throughout the refrigerator and freezer compartments, ensuring that optimal humidity and temperature levels are maintained in each section. With Dual Fan Cooling Technology, your ingredients retain their peak freshness, flavor, and quality for an extended period, minimizing food waste and maximizing your culinary creations.

Optimize Storage with Spacious Interiors and Versatile Features

Accommodate all your grocery needs with ease and effortless organization with the Hitachi 586 Liters Water Dispenser Refrigerator’s versatile interior design. The refrigerator compartment boasts a generous 414 liters of net storage, while the freezer offers 172 liters of net capacity, providing ample space for all your fresh and frozen goods. Additionally, the conveniently positioned shelves, door pockets, humidity-controlled crisper drawer, and spacious water tank with filter ensure everything is within easy reach and your beverages stay chilled and refreshed.

Enjoy Effortless Operation with Intuitive Control Panel

Embrace the pinnacle of convenience with the Hitachi 586 Liters Water Dispenser Refrigerator’s intuitive control panel. The sleek and user-friendly interface allows for effortless temperature adjustments, mode selection, monitoring, and water dispensing, ensuring you always have complete control over your food storage and hydration needs.

Additional Features for an Exceptional Culinary Experience

  • Eco-Thermo Sensor automatically adjusts cooling based on usage patterns, promoting energy efficiency.
  • Powerful Deodorization System neutralizes unpleasant odors, maintaining a fresh and clean refrigerator environment.
  • Vegetable Compartment maintains optimal humidity levels, keeping your fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh.
  • Big, Movable Twist Ice Tray allows for easy ice making and storing.

Overall, the Hitachi 586 Liters Water Dispenser Refrigerator (R-W690P7PB-GBK) is a premium appliance that elevates your food storage experience to new heights. With its innovative Dual Fan Cooling system, versatile interior design, intuitive control panel, and refreshing water dispensing feature, this refrigerator is the perfect choice for discerning individuals seeking an exceptional culinary partner that preserves the freshness, flavor, and quality of their food, while providing convenient access to chilled beverages.