Logitech K375s Wireless Multi Device Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

৳ 2,400

Key Features

  • Model: Logitech K375s
  • Type Wireless
  • Wireless Range: 33 ft
  • Weight: 475 g

Seamless Multitasking and Versatile Connectivity

The Logitech K375s Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard is designed to meet the needs of modern multitaskers who work across multiple devices. With its convenient switching capability, comfortable typing experience, and versatile connectivity options, this keyboard enables you to streamline your workflow and stay productive.

Effortless Device Switching

One of the standout features of the Logitech K375s is its ability to seamlessly switch between multiple devices. Whether you’re working on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily switch between them with the press of a button. This allows you to type and control multiple devices without the need for separate keyboards.

Comfortable Typing Experience

The K375s keyboard features well-spaced, low-profile keys that provide a comfortable typing experience. The keys have a responsive feel and are designed to minimize typing fatigue, making it ideal for long typing sessions. The full-size layout includes a numeric keypad, ensuring you have all the essential keys at your fingertips.

Universal Stand for Mobile Devices

To enhance productivity on mobile devices, the Logitech K375s comes with a universal stand that securely holds your smartphone or tablet at a comfortable viewing angle. This makes it easier to type, read, and interact with your mobile devices while using the keyboard. With the stand, you can create a more ergonomic setup and seamlessly switch between devices.

Versatile Connectivity Options

The K375s offers flexible connectivity options to suit your preferences. It can be connected to your devices via either Bluetooth or the included Logitech Unifying receiver. The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled devices, while the Unifying receiver provides a reliable wireless connection for devices that don’t have built-in Bluetooth.

Long Battery Life

With the Logitech K375s, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries. The keyboard boasts an impressive battery life that can last up to 24 months, depending on usage. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted typing without the hassle of frequent battery changes.

Quiet and Responsive Keys

The K375s features whisper-quiet keys that provide a satisfying typing experience without disturbing those around you. The keys have a responsive and tactile feel, allowing for accurate and efficient typing. Whether you’re working in a shared space or prefer a quieter typing experience, the K375s delivers with its quiet and responsive keys.

Easy Setup and Wide Compatibility

Setting up the Logitech K375s is a breeze. It supports plug-and-play functionality, which means you can simply connect the keyboard to your device and start using it without any complicated setup process. The keyboard is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS, making it versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices.

Enhance Your Productivity

The Logitech K375s Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard is designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. With its effortless device switching, comfortable typing experience, versatile connectivity options, long battery life, and quiet keys, this keyboard is built to help you work more efficiently across multiple devices. Say goodbye to juggling keyboards and enjoy a seamless typing experience with the Logitech K375s.

Upgrade Your Typing Experience with Logitech K375s

The Logitech K375s Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard offers the convenience of switching between devices, comfortable typing, versatile connectivity options, and long battery life. It is the perfect companion for those who work across multiple devices and need a reliable and efficient keyboard. Upgrade your typing experience and boost your productivity with the Logitech K375s.