MaxGreen B10KS/L 10kVA Price in Bangladesh

৳ 145,000

MaxGreen B10KS/L 10kVA Low-Frequency Online UPS full specification

Main Features
Capacity 10KVA
Display Type
  • LED display for work status and fault indicator
  • CD display for single phase input voltage, input frequency, single-phase output voltage, load, battery voltage, etc.
Load Capacity
  • 110%~129% full load for 10 minutes
  • 130%~150% load for 60 seconds
Output Voltage 165~275 Vac
Frequency (Battery Mode) 45~66 Hz Automatically select synchronization range according to grid frequency
Noise Level <60 (within 1 meter)
Battery 16*9Ah 12V/External
Alarm Battery low-voltage, mains abnormal, overload, UPS fault, over temperature protection
Output Features
Backup Time Standard time is 10 minutes/ Long backup time can be extended freely
Manufacture Warranty
Warranty 1 Year

“MaxGreen B10KS/L: Robust 10kVA Power Assurance for Uninterrupted Operations”

Product Description: Elevate your power protection strategy with the MaxGreen B10KS/L 10kVA Low-Frequency Online UPS, a pinnacle of reliability designed to ensure uninterrupted operations for your critical systems. This advanced UPS is meticulously crafted to deliver robust power assurance, making it the ideal choice for businesses that prioritize stability and performance.

With a commanding 10kVA capacity, the MaxGreen B10KS/L stands as a fortress against power disruptions, surges, and fluctuations. The low-frequency online design guarantees a consistent and unwavering power supply, catering to the specific needs of environments where precision and reliability are non-negotiable.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your critical systems are shielded by cutting-edge technology. The MaxGreen B10KS/L goes beyond traditional UPS solutions, offering a comprehensive power protection system that adapts seamlessly to the demands of your business. Its user-friendly interface simplifies monitoring and management, ensuring that you stay in control of your power infrastructure.

Installation is effortless, and with hot-swappable batteries, downtime during maintenance becomes a thing of the past. Choose MaxGreen B10KS/L to redefine your expectations of power reliability and set the stage for uninterrupted business continuity.

Invest in the future of power protection—MaxGreen B10KS/L delivers 10kVA of unwavering power assurance for businesses that demand the best.