Nokia 3310 Price in Bangladesh

৳ 5,990

Nokia 3310 roars back: indestructible build, epic battery, classic Snake. Digital detox or reliable backup, all at a throwback price. Remember, sometimes, less is truly more.

Summary Specification
Released February 2018
System Feature phone
Display 2.4″ 240×320 pixels
Camera 2MP
Video recording Yes
Battery 1200mAh Li-Ion

Nokia 3310 Full Specification

Category Specification
Network 2G GSM 900/1800
Display 1.8″ CSTN (128 x 160 pixels)
Platform Series 30+
Storage 12 MB with microSD card slot up to 32GB
Camera No
Video recording No
Audio 3.5mm headphone jack
Battery 1200mAh Li-Ion (up to 22 hours talk time)
Dimensions 113.4 x 48 x 14.8 mm
Weight 87.7 g
Colors Warm Gray, Charcoal, Azure, Yellow
Other features LED torch, Bluetooth 3.0, MicroUSB 2.0

Remember the indestructible phone that dominated the late 90s?

The Nokia 3310, with its legendary battery life and Snake game, became a cultural icon. But in 2024, does it still hold up in a world of smartphones? Let’s delve into its unique features and limitations to see if it’s worth a blast-from-the-past purchase.

Built to Last, Built for Essentials:

The 3310’s claim to fame? Durability. Its polycarbonate body can withstand drops, bumps, and even water splashes, making it a perfect companion for outdoor adventures or clumsy users. Forget cracked screens and fragile designs – this phone prioritizes rugged functionality. But remember, it’s not indestructible, so handle with care.

Back to the Basics:

If you crave simplicity and digital detox, the 3310 is your antidote to app overload. Make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and enjoy classic games like Snake. No social media, no internet distractions, just pure communication. This phone is perfect for those who value focus and disconnection in an increasingly digital world.

Battery Life That’s Legendary (for a Reason):

Remember days when you didn’t need to charge your phone daily? The 3310 harkens back to that era with its unmatched battery life. Talk for hours, send countless texts, and still have juice left over. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and enjoy the freedom of reliable connectivity without constant charging needs.

But is it Right for You?

The 3310 isn’t for everyone. If you crave the latest apps, high-resolution cameras, and large touchscreens, this phone won’t fulfill those needs. However, for those seeking a basic, reliable phone for calls, texts, and essential functions, the 3310 offers unparalleled durability, battery life, and a touch of nostalgia.

Here’s who might love the Nokia 3310:

  • Minimalists: Appreciate the focus on core functionalities.
  • Digital detox seekers: Escape the constant notifications and distractions.
  • Festival goers: Have a reliable backup phone without the risk of losing an expensive device.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts: Enjoy a durable phone for adventures.
  • Senior citizens: Benefit from the simple interface and large buttons.

The Nokia 3310 isn’t a powerhouse, but it’s a reminder that sometimes, the simplest things are the best.

If you value durability, battery life, and a break from the digital overload, the 3310 might be the perfect back-to-basics phone for you. Just don’t expect to play Candy Crush on it.

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