Nokia N105 Plus Price in Bangladesh

৳ 2,070

The Nokia N105 Plus throws back to simpler times: calls, texts, tunes, and rock-solid battery. Ditch the app overload, rediscover connection

Summary Specification
Released April 26, 2022
System Feature phone
Display 1.77″, 120 x 160 pixels
Camera No
Chipset MediaTek MT6261D
Battery 800mAh Li-Ion

Nokia N105 Plus Full Specification

Full Feature Specification
Display 1.77 inches, 120 x 160 pixels
Platform Feature phone
Chipset MediaTek MT6261D
Storage 4MB, expandable up to 32GB via microSD
Camera No camera
Connectivity 2G GSM
Battery 800mAh Li-Ion
Other Features Wireless FM radio, MP3 player, flashlight, built-in games
Colors Red, Charcoal

Reliving the Classics: A Dive into the Nokia N105 Plus in 2024

In today’s world of bezel-less smartphones and AI-powered cameras, a new breed of phone is captivating hearts: the **Nokia N105 Plus**. This feature phone, a modern reincarnation of the iconic N105, throws nostalgia, durability, and affordability into a no-frills package that begs the question: **can simplicity be the ultimate luxury?**

Built to Last, Built to Connect

The N105 Plus exudes a timeless elegance with its candybar design and grippy plastic body. Built to withstand the elements, it scoffs at the fragility of its glass-and-metal brethren. This is a phone that thrives on bumps, drops, and the occasional pocket shower. But don’t be fooled by its utilitarian looks. The N105 Plus boasts a vibrant 1.77-inch display, perfect for clear visibility under any lighting condition.

Connectivity Essentials, Minus the Distractions

Remember the days when phones were just… phones? The N105 Plus embraces that philosophy. Ditch the app overload and notification fatigue. Here, you get crystal-clear 2G calling, reliable SMS texting, and a trusty FM radio to keep you informed and entertained, all without the distractions of social media or endless internet browsing.

A Touch of Modernity

Don’t think the N105 Plus is a complete relic. It packs a surprising punch with its 4MB expandable storage, enough for your favorite tunes and essential contacts. And yes, there are even built-in games to keep you occupied during downtime. Plus, the long-lasting 800mAh battery ensures you’ll stay connected for days on a single charge.

A Phone for Everyone (or Anyone)

The N105 Plus isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who crave a simpler life, a digital detox, or a reliable backup phone. It’s for parents seeking peace of mind for their kids’ first phone, for grandparents wanting a user-friendly device, or for anyone who appreciates the beauty of uncluttered functionality.

Is the Nokia N105 Plus for you?

If you yearn for a phone that prioritizes connection over constant consumption, if you value durability over delicacy, and if you believe classic design can be anything but outdated, then the N105 Plus might just be the phone you’ve been waiting for.


The Nokia N105 Plus is a unique proposition in the modern smartphone landscape. It offers a refreshing escape from the complexities of today’s devices, prioritizing essential communication and basic functionality in a durable and affordable package. Whether you’re looking for a secondary phone, a digital detox device, or a reliable phone for your loved ones, the N105 Plus deserves a closer look.

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