Redragon AJAX H230 RGB Wired Gaming Headset Price in Bangladesh

৳ 2,300

Key Features

  • Model: AJAX H230
  • 2.0Ch Surround Sound Equipped with 53mm audio driver
  • Convenient Clear Mic
  • Dynamic RGB Backlight
  • 3.5mm + USB powered braided cable

Redragon AJAX H230 RGB Wired Gaming Headset Specification

Technical Specification
Impedance 24Ω±15%
Input Jack 3.5mm + USB
Driver Diameter 53mm
Others Dynamic RGB Backlight
Stereo Surround-Sound
Physical Specification
Dimensions 11.5 x 9.76 x 5 inches
Weight 1.23 pounds
Color Black
Other Features
System Requirements Volume Control Works for PC/PS4/XBOX One/NS
Microphone Size Omni-directional

Redragon AJAX H230 RGB Wired Gaming Headset: Unleash the Power of RGB Audio

The Redragon AJAX H230 RGB Wired Gaming Headset is a revolutionary gaming accessory that combines stunning RGB lighting with exceptional audio performance. Designed to enhance your gaming experience, this headset offers immersive sound, customizable lighting effects, ergonomic comfort, and versatile compatibility. Whether you’re battling opponents or exploring virtual worlds, the Redragon AJAX H230 RGB is a must-have for gamers who seek both style and substance.

  1. Immersive Sound and Powerful Bass: The Redragon AJAX H230 RGB features high-quality 50mm audio drivers that deliver immersive sound with crystal-clear highs and rich, deep bass. Experience every detail of your game, from subtle footsteps to explosive action sequences, as the headset brings your games to life. The powerful bass adds intensity and impact to your gaming experience, making you feel like you’re in the midst of the action.

  2. Vibrant RGB Lighting Effects: Stand out from the crowd with the dynamic RGB lighting on the Redragon AJAX H230. The headset’s ear cups are equipped with customizable RGB LED lights that can be personalized to match your gaming setup or mood. With various lighting effects and color options, you can create a visually stunning gaming environment that reflects your unique style and adds an extra layer of immersion to your gaming experience.

  3. Ergonomic Design for Comfort: The Redragon AJAX H230 RGB prioritizes comfort during extended gaming sessions. It features soft memory foam ear cups and an adjustable headband that provide a snug and comfortable fit. The lightweight design reduces strain on your head and neck, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions. Stay comfortable and fully engaged in your gaming adventures with this headset’s ergonomic design.

  4. Noise-Canceling Microphone: Clear communication is crucial for team-based games and multiplayer interactions. The Redragon AJAX H230 RGB comes with a detachable, flexible noise-canceling microphone that ensures your voice is heard loud and clear. The microphone filters out background noise, allowing for seamless communication with your teammates. Coordinate strategies, give callouts, and engage in multiplayer banter with clarity and precision.

  5. Versatile Compatibility: The Redragon AJAX H230 RGB is compatible with multiple gaming platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. With its universal 3.5mm audio jack, you can easily connect the headset to your preferred gaming device without any hassle. Whether you’re gaming on a desktop, console, or mobile device, this headset offers seamless compatibility and an immersive audio experience.

The Redragon AJAX H230 RGB Wired Gaming Headset is a game-changer for gamers who desire top-notch audio performance and stunning visual effects. With its immersive sound, customizable RGB lighting, ergonomic comfort, noise-canceling microphone, and versatile compatibility, this headset is a perfect choice for those seeking a combination of style and substance. Unleash the power of RGB audio with the Redragon AJAX H230 RGB and take your gaming experience to new heights.