Walton 548 Liters Non-Frost Refrigerator (WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD) (INVERTER) Price in Bangladesh

৳ 111,000

Product Information
Brand Walton
Type Refrigerator
Emi Available  6 months
Warranty Information (Official) 12 Years Compressor, 4 Years Spare Parts, 3 Years Door with 5 Years After Sales Service
Size 548Liters

Product Description

Type Non-Frost
Gross Volume 591 L
Net Volume 548 L
CFC Free R600a
Climatic Type (SN, N, ST, T) N~T
Rated Voltage/ Hz 220~240 V/ 50 Hz
Compressor Input Power (watt) 45.4 – 197
Compressor BLDC Inverter
Temperature Control (Electronic/ Mechanical) Electronic
Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual) Automatic
Condenser Steel
Capillary Copper
Handle (Recessed/ Grip) Built In
Lock No
Polyurethane Foam Blowing Agent Cyclopentene (Eco-friendly – 100% CFC & HCFC Free) Green Technology
Shelf (Material/No.) Glass/5
Bottle Pocket GPPS/4
Interior Lamp Yes
Egg Tray or Pocket Yes/1
Vegetable Crisper Yes/1
Water Dispenser No
Ice Case Yes/1
Ice Box Yes/1
Shelf (Material/No.) GLASS/5
Bottle Pocket GPPS/4
Interior LED Lamp Yes
Drawer Yes/1
Cooling Effect (Freezer Cabinet) Less than -18℃
Cooling Effect (Refrigerator Cabinet) 0℃ to +5℃
Loading Capacity- 40HQ/40Ft/20Ft 39/39/18

Walton 548 Liters Non-Frost Refrigerator (WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD) (INVERTER): A Haven of Freshness, Efficiency, and Culinary Excellence

Embark on a culinary journey of exceptional freshness, effortless food preservation, and enhanced kitchen organization with the Walton 548 Liters Non-Frost Refrigerator (WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD) (INVERTER), a masterpiece of innovation meticulously crafted to safeguard the essence of your groceries while complementing the modern aesthetic of your kitchen. Powered by cutting-edge inverter technology and equipped with a range of essential features, this refrigerator seamlessly blends functionality, style, and convenience, making it the perfect addition to any discerning home.

Experience Peak Food Freshness with Precision Non-Frost Technology

Witness the power of Walton’s renowned non-frost technology with the WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD refrigerator. This innovative system utilizes precise temperature control and optimized airflow to maintain consistent humidity levels and prevent frost buildup throughout the refrigerator compartments, ensuring that your fresh produce, meats, and dairy products retain their peak freshness, flavor, and nutritional value for an extended period.

Optimize Storage with a Versatile and Spacious Interior

Accommodate all your grocery needs with ease and organization with the WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD refrigerator’s generous 548 liters of gross capacity. The spacious interior provides ample space for all your essentials, from everyday staples to bulk purchases, while the flexible shelving system and dedicated door bins allow for effortless customization to suit your specific storage requirements.

Embrace Efficiency with Inverter Technology

Experience the pinnacle of energy efficiency with the WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD refrigerator’s advanced inverter technology. This intelligent system adjusts cooling power based on demand, minimizing energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint, making it an eco-conscious choice for your home.

Enjoy Effortless Operation with Intuitive Control Panel

Experience the pinnacle of convenience with the WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD refrigerator’s sleek and user-friendly control panel. The intuitive interface allows for effortless temperature adjustments and the activation of essential features like Express Freezing, Multi Flow System, and Automatic Defrost, ensuring you always have complete control over your food preservation settings.

Additional Features for a Seamless Culinary Experience

  • Express Freezing Function rapidly freezes your food items, locking in freshness and nutrients, perfect for preserving home-cooked meals or large quantities of meat or seafood.

  • Multi Flow System enhances airflow circulation within the refrigerator, maintaining consistent temperatures and preventing uneven cooling, ensuring optimal preservation for all your groceries.

  • Automatic Defrost eliminates the need for manual defrosting, saving you time and effort, and preventing ice buildup that could affect food quality.

  • Durable Glass Shelves provide ample space and enhanced visibility, while the Vegetable Crisper Drawer maintains optimal humidity for your fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh and crisp.

  • Convenient Door Alarm alerts you if the refrigerator door is left ajar, preventing food spoilage and energy waste, ensuring your groceries remain safe and sound.

  • Adjustable Feet allow for level positioning on uneven surfaces, ensuring stability and optimal performance in any kitchen setting.

Overall, the Walton 548 Liters Non-Frost Refrigerator (WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD) (INVERTER) is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a premium and reliable food preservation solution. With its innovative non-frost technology, versatile and spacious interior, intuitive control panel, and range of advanced features, this refrigerator is the perfect partner for preserving the freshness, flavor, and quality of your groceries, all while complementing the modern aesthetic of your kitchen and promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle.