Samsung is going to launch a new travel keyboard for all phones, tablets, and PCs

Samsung has made a new wireless keyboard which is ready to launch by Samsung. They have already done a listing of the device on a website. It is called the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500. Samsung has designed the wireless keyboard to pair with up to three different devices at once.

If you want a keyboard that is not only invented for regular usage but one that will work on your phone, tablet and your desktop devices, then Samsung is offering the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 for you. No doubt, it is helpful with Sammy’s Dex interface; we expect the accessory to be brought in at Samsung’s Unpacked event on April 28th, which will centre on new Galaxy-branded laptops and tablets.

The smartphone market was somewhat dead until COVID-19 came along. The pandemic had forced people to work from home or join their classes, meetings online. Though it is not officially brought up yet, Samsung has shared some info about this appliance; and they also noted- that the keyboard can pair with three different devices- at the same time- and can quickly switch between them with the tap of a button easily. You can also set up custom “Hot Keys” to open your favourite applications.

The Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 will let you easily switch between three different devices- that it already paired the QWERTY keyboard. Using and setting up the Smart Keyboard Trio 500 is as easy as turning Bluetooth on your mobile. The QWERTY is associated with Bluetooth 5.0, and it will come into view in black and white colours. ItS weighs is- 412.3 grams and dimensions are- 280.4 x 127.4 x 15.4 millimetres.

If your present QWERTY keyboard on your phone or tablet is not delivering you the performance you need to work on the run with joy, then the Samsung Trio 500 Keyboard could be the most effective tool for your writing on the go. You’re going to love the brilliant keyboard.

We don’t know when Samsung will uncover the keyboard and how much its price will be. But- Max Jambor of AllAboutSamsung, who arises to have first spotted the keyboard- thinks that it would be an extra appliance for the new Galaxy Book models, which is going to be launched on April 28, 2021. So perhaps Samsung will launch the keyboard on this day.

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