Samsung will produce displays and circuit boards for Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro models

Apple is the world’s unique smartphone producers. When all the other companies are providing higher refresh rate enabled displays on their smartphones- then Apple has thought about it. And now, they are going to deliver a 120Hz refresh rate at their next iPhone’s display.

We all know that Apple doesn’t make their own phone display. Samsung is one of the leading display panel suppliers to Apple for their iPhones. Following that, some reports say that Samsung will continue making displays for the upcoming iPhone models.

The latest report from Korea reveals that the iPhone 13, 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max model will have a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide Backplane (LTPO). That enables a 120Hz refresh rate with less battery hitting.

Samsung will produce displays and circuit boards for Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro models
Apple iPhones will contain a higher refresh rate in the future.

Samsung will supply most of all the LTPO panels to Apple. And Apple will collect some display from LG as well. But the circuit board that connects the OLED display to the phone- Apple will specially collect that from Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Samsung Display. The PCB maker Youngpoong Electronics has joined as a supply partner through Samsung Display to make circuit boards for iPhone.

The RF PCB (rigid-flexible printed circuit board) is rigid, strong, flexible and can adapt more product designs and faster transmission of electric signals. The iPhone 13 and 13 mini, which reportedly won’t have a higher-refresh-rate display, will use a more conventional and cheaper FPCB design.

Apple will require at least 169 million OLED panels for their iPhones in 2021. They will get 110 million from Samsung, 50 million from LG, and the other 9 million from BOE.

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