Samsung Galaxy A11 is getting its Android 11 update with One UI 3.1

The Samsung’s One UI is simple, and it is getting updated to be more user friendly to a customer who uses a Samsung device. Samsung has been working on UI optimizations to make it more friendly since One UI’s birth. And with times. Samsung updated its UI and will continue working on it.

Some days back, Samsung has announced an Android 11 update for the Galaxy AO2s and the Galaxy A12. And now the company has revealed the fresh Android 11 update for the latest Galaxy A11 along with One UI 3.1. Yes, it is a significant change if we compare it with One UI 2.0.

The new software version arrived with this serial number- A115MUBU2BUE1. And for now, we don’t have any detailed information about the changes to come with the fresh update. But we can expect that the new One UI 3.1 based on Android 11 will bring all the goodness of Android 11, including a new notification history system, bubbles in chat, recent security patch, and one-time app permissions feature.

Well, the new One UI 3.1 update for the Galaxy A11 is only available in Panama. But we expect Samsung will roll it out for other markets as soon as they can. Of course, If you dwell in Panama- but you didn’t get notifications about the new update- then you should manually check it by going to your A11’s settings and then at the software update option.

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